Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Joint Defender (Discontinued)

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Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Joint Defender is a comprehensive powdered joint support formula featuring over a dozen well-dosed ingredients designed to promote optimal joint health and function. Hardcore training needs a hardcore support supplement. Joint Defender is jam-packed with research-based ingredients at clinically validated doses and aims to maximise recovery from injury as well as act in a prehabilitative manner, reducing the chance of incurring an injury in the first place.

    • Joint repair and anti-inflammatory recovery matrix
    • Maximises joint repair
    • Uses doses shown to work in clinical research
    • 17 different ingredients to help protect and repair the body
    • Includes natural anti-inflammatories like ginger and turmeric
    • All-inclusive joint and muscle repair formula
    • 2,000mg Glucosamine
    • 3,000mg D-Glucosamine
    • 3,000mg MSM
    • 250mg Hyaluronic Acid

Type II Collagen

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue. Type II collagen (CII) is a peptide and component of joint cartilage – meaning that it plays a vital role in the recovery process.

Type II Collagen in 5% Nutrition Joint Defender promotes joint health by supporting cartilage and the structure of the joint. It also helps enhance joint lubrication by replenishing the synovial fluid in the joint. This promotes joint comfort and mobility, increasing range of motion. Biocell type ii collagen works with your body to preserve and maintain cartilage.

When To Take Joint Defender

Joint Defender is the type of product which is best used consistently if you are at any risk of injury or simply looking for an insurance policy to ensure your muscles and joints get the best possible nutrients to protect them from damage.

Who Should Take Joint Defender

Anyone with issues with soft tissue injuries caused by long term lifting of heavy weights or explosive sports movements can benefit from Joint Defender, a product that is equally suitable for men as it is for women.

Recover Faster and Get Less Sore?

The promise Joint Defender makes is that rather than just focusing on one or two well-known ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which provide nutrient support for cartilage formation, Joint Defender is designed to deliver comprehensive nutrient support for all critical soft tissues in your joints.

As such, Joint Defender comes loaded with 17 different ingredients which break down into a Joint Repair Complex and a Joint and Muscle Post-Exercise Inflammation Complex.

The former contains a number of research-based ingredients including the aforementioned glucosamine and chondroitin but also a number of others and with generous doses being linked to what has been shown to be effective in clinical research.

Where 5% have gone into a more unusual direction is their post-exercise inflammation complex as the nutrients in here such as ginger and turmeric are less often seen in joint formulas and more likely to be contenders in products designed to uphold general health and wellness.

Both of these have been shown in research to have an anti-inflammatory action and so by including them in Joint Defender, 5% are offering users of Joint Defender the tantalising prospect of not only helping treat injuries they may have but actually preventing their occurrence in the first place, or at least shifting the odds in your favour.

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