Before you read any further you should know that this peptide is banned is almost all competitive sports and events. Also, while it is readily available, Thymosin Beta-4 (also known as TB-500) is sold for research purposes only, not for human consumption.

The main benefit and purpose of TB-500 is to promote injury repair and recovery. Thymosin beta-4 is naturally produced in higher concentration at the site of tissue damage. It supports the production of new blood and muscle cells and also holds very powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

Its powerful healing effects have been identified specifically in the tendons, ligaments, muscle, skin, heart and eyes.

Peptides: TB-500 for Injury Repair

What is Thymosin Beta-4 (TB-500)?

TB-500 is a synthesised peptide, essentially a short chain version of the naturally occurring Thymosin Beta-4. It has not been used to treat humans in any tangible method but although it is not considered a veterinary-specific drug, it is often used in the treatment of horses and occasionally dogs.

What does TB-500 do?

As there's little research on human trials we can only go on what we've heard and data compiled from various veterinary trials. Its properties are similar to those of HGH and results also appear similar.

Users report increased strength, muscle growth, enhanced recovery and relief from chronic and severe pain as well as improved endurance. There are also reports of increased hair growth, better condition hair and even a lessening of grey hair.

How does TB-500 Work?

In simple terms, TB-500 boosts your body's protein efficiency. This means that the functions of those proteins are dramatically improved. It increases red blood cell production and improves metabolism and essentially supercharges your body's ability to grow new cells. Additionally, thanks to its molecular composition TB-500 is remarkably light and can, therefore, race your system finding areas to improve. It is this that makes it particularly good when it comes to targeting inflammation and pain.

Peptides: TB-500 for Injury Repair

How to take TB-500

We'll say it again here... you should not consider TB-500 if you wish to engage in competitive events as it is universally considered a banned substance. It's an important point and worth repeating.

TB-500 is taken as any other peptides; you'll need to reconstitute it (see our guide: How to Reconstitute your Peptides) before injecting the solution either SubQ (subcutaneously) or intramuscularly (see our guides here). TB-500 can also be taken intravenously, but we would advise against this unless you have medical experience, advice or assistance.

To take SubQ, find an area of fatty tissue, the abdomen is good but avoid the navel vicinity. Next, simply clean your hands, wipe the area with a sterile swab, pinch the area with your fingers and then inject your prepared syringe.

To take intramuscularly, locate an area of muscular tissue, usually one where you are experiencing pain, and jab the syringe deep into the muscle tissue. It can be a difficult and painful process, but the rewards should outweigh the trouble.

TB-500 Dosage

Pay close attention to the instruction you receive with your TB-500 and remember there isn't much to go on in terms of historical data. However as a base guide consider this, the recommended dosage for a 200-pound person is approximately 8mg per week over a six-week cycle.

TB-500 Side Effects

Like all drugs, TB-500 can cause side effects. Once again, we lack a lot of data on this drug, but we do know that the medical community is divided over the most significant of these. That is whether or not it has been linked to cancer; some say it increased the rate at which cancer cells grow, while others suggest it may actually promote white blood cells with which to fight it.

We do know that it can cause headaches, lightheadedness and lethargy.

In conclusion

TB-500 remains a fringe supplement. Remember it was designed to heal racehorses and there is little but anecdotal evidence to suggest it does anything for the Human body. That said, those brave enough to push beyond the frontier make is smaller every time they do. So if you want to count yourself among them, just be careful.