Superdrol is the alpha male of Prohormones, in fact, in some circles, they refer to it as the king. It is however not for the faint of heart... or should we say faint of liver?

What is Superdrol?

Superdrol is actually a brand name, a contraction of the words Super and Anadrol. The word Anadrol may be familiar to you as an orally taken steroid, which is recognised as one of the most potent steroids in existence.

What does Superdrol do?

In bodybuilding terms, Superdrol is used to rapidly increase muscle growth, mass, appetite and all-around strength and the results posted are off the charts. Some users claim they were able to boost their strength by 25% in under a fortnight.


How does Superdrol Work?

Put simply, Superdrol boosts nitrogen retention and increase the rate at which we synthesise protein.

The end result is a significant elevation in mass, strength and stamina. Superdrol also improves the rate at which the boy recover from injury.

One major difference and big selling point that Superdrol has over alternative prohormones is the fact that it doesn't increase the risk of hair loss and skin condition. This is thanks to its low androgenic properties.

Superdrol History

Although only properly marketed in 2005, the drug's history stems from as far back as 1956 where the base compound was developed to fight the growth of tumours.

Superdrol Dosage

Superdrol is by no means an entry level drug. Inexperienced users should start off with low doses and slowly build it up over a matter of weeks. 10mg per day is a solid target for week one, before taking it up to 20mg weeks two and three. It should be taken with food once a day. Once your tolerance grows it's safe to up that level to 40mg, but softly-softly is the correct approach.

Superdrol Side effects

There are numerous reported potential side effects of Superdrol and you should consult a medical professional at the first sign of any of the more serious ones.

Side effects include Increased blood pressure, nausea, lethargy and in extreme cases liver damage.

Superdrol Precautions

It is strongly advised that you take Superdrol initially at lower doses and also shorter cycles with full and complete PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

A quality cycle support such as TUDCA Plus is highly recommended to protect your liver and organs.

It is also worth noting that the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has banned most variants of Superdrol and although it's technically still available, you should only buy from a trusted source.

Best Alternative to Superdrol

The Mutagenic Labz Mutation X is a blend of trenavar and sd matrix. This is the strongest available legal product and is excellent or adding bulk, muscle and strength. Users see gains in the density of their muscle mass within a very short space of time. Mutation X is a very popular prohormone as it does not aromatise into estrogen. It is highly anabolic and therefore promotes high levels of protein synthesis and allows for serious muscle mass gains.

Where Superdrol finishes Mutation-X is just starting. Mutation X goes far beyond Superdrol. The formula is completely unique, in fact, the CAS number is entirely different from any other product available. Other companies can put 12mg or even 20mg of Superdrol in their products but this will never be comparable; our formula is unique. This is why we receive so many great reviews. We are the sole company that has this formula.

Mutagenic Labz Mutation-X

In conclusion

Superdrol's clear benefits are tempered with the dangers associated with the drug. There's a reason it rose to legendary status among prohormones and equally, there's a reason why the FDA gunned for it.

However, taken sensibly and treated with respect Superdrol has earned its reputation and the incredible stats and reports about the results you can achieve with it are true. Just make sure you get the real deal and are committed with your PCT.