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Mutagenic Labz - Boladrol Ultra (Boladrol)

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Mutagenic Labz - Boladrol Ultra (Boladrol)

Ingredients per capsule:

  • Boladrol 2mg

  • Bioperine 5mg

  • VEGAN (veggie caps are used for all Mutagenic Labz products)



The Mutagenic Labz Boladrol is a very effective pro-hormone that, after ingestion, converts to Bolasterone. Boladrol is both very anabolic and androgenic, which means increases in mass and strength along with increased aggression in the gym and better state of mind. The original manufacturer claims Boladrol is stronger than every other prohormone currently available. It's been compared to Anadrol, a well known powerful anabolic compound.

Ingredients per capsule:

  • Boladrol 2mg
  • Bioperine 5mg
  • VEGAN (veggie caps are used for all Mutagenic Labz products)

What results should I expect from Boladrol?

  • Extreme Muscle Gain
  • Extreme Strength Gain
  • Increased Gym Aggression
  • Powerful Mass Gainer
  • Break Plateaus
  • Set new PBs

Users have reported outstanding results in both mass gains and strength gains with Boladrol. It is not out of the question to expect to gain around 5 pounds per week; this was the average amount of weight gain in the original users of Boladrol! On top of this, in just two weeks significant strength gains were seen, plateaus were broken, and new personal records were set!

  • It has progesterone receptor binding affinity
  • It is much more anabolic AND androgenic than testosterone
  • Very low doses are needed for maximum effects
  • It gives results FASTER than any other prohormone
  • It gives more mass and strength gains than any other prohormone
  • It can be used in short 2 weeks cycles with great results
  • First prohormone to give noticeable aggression in the gym
  • The list goes on...

How should I take Boldadrol?

Take for four weeks at 2-6mg per day. The average user should not need more than 4mg. Do not take longer than 4 weeks.

Is PCT required for Boladrol?

PCT is required and Tudca Plus is recommended also.

Can I stack Boladrol with anything?

There is no need to stack Boladrol with anything else. Stacking it with anything else will just increase side effects. Many users will still do this, but Boladrol is so potent itself that it is all you need. Boladrol may be stacked with a supplement that reduces estrogen in the body to help combat the estrogen related side effects.

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