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Blackstone Labs Halo Elite is a natural testosterone booster. Its the first ever plant-based androgen to have a clinical dosing. This supplement also boosts sex drive and bone density.

  • 100% natural
  • Anabolic plant androgen
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • No unwanted side effects
  • No hormonal impact

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Blackstone Labs Halo Elite naturally boosts testosterone and is the first-ever androgen to be plant-based and yet to have clinical dosing. Halo Elite boasts an especially potent ingredient – Eucommia Ulmoides. This ingredient is known to improve skeletal muscle development. It also improves bone density while giving your libido a boost. In short, this is a versatile option for anyone who wants to maximize their potential.

  • 100% natural
  • Anabolic plant androgen
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Doesn’t affect testosterone or oestrogen
  • No unwanted side effects
  • Take for up to four months

What is Blackstone Labs Halo Elite?

Unlike other types of testosterone boosting supplement or regular androgens, Blackstone Labs Halo Elite gives you impressive gains in strength and size without any unwanted side effects. You’ll enjoy many of the same results as you would get with a testosterone supplement but with natural plant-based ingredients. This also means you can take this supplement for extended periods. You can also stack this supplement with other products safely.

Eucommia Ulmoides is a phytoandrogen naturally occurring in plants but which has a similar effect to testosterone. It increases your body’s natural testosterone production for impressive virility.

Traditional Chinese medical practitioners use eucommia bark for back and joint pain, especially in the hips and knees, and also to strengthen bones, tendons and ligaments. Eucommia helps heal tissue that is slow to mend after an injury or that has been weakened through stress.

Western studies with rats confirm that both the leaves and the bark of eucommia contain a compound that encourages the development of collagen, an important part of connective tissues such as skin, tendons and ligaments. Although it can be used alone, eucommia bark is most often used in combination with other supportive herbs.

Additionally, Eucommia is said to promote weight loss, prevent osteoporosis, offer anti-ageing benefits, and enhance heart health. In traditional Chinese medicine, Eucommia is used to support the function of the endocrine system, improve kidney health, and strengthen the bones and muscles.

When To Take Blackstone Labs Halo Elite

It is recommended to take this natural testosterone boosting product for as long as four months and then to take one to two months off. This supplement is ideal for use during the cutting phase, especially when extra testosterone is required to maintain your muscle mass gains. Since this product is all-natural, there’s no need for any cycle support when you take this product and no need for PCT afterwards.

Who Should Take Halo Elite

Blackstone Labs Halo Elite is ideal for men who are keen to boost their muscle mass while bulking or who want to preserve their lean muscle when they are in their cutting phase. This product is not recommended for women.

Why Choose Blackstone Labs Halo Elite

Blackstone Labs has done it again with its re-launch of Halo Elite, which is the first plant androgen (phytoandrogen) ever developed and sold in ethical doses.

Phytoandrogens are substances produced in plants which have effects similar to testosterone, which regulates the development and maintenance of male characteristics by binding to androgen receptors.

Blackstone Labs has found such an androgen in the plant Eucommia ulmoides which causes skeletal muscle development, bone density improvement, and increases in sex drive.

Plants containing compounds such as the isoflavonoids, with female hormone-like effects that bind to human estrogen receptors, have been known for decades. Eucommia ulmoides is the first to have corresponding male hormone-like effects that interact with the human androgen receptor.

Blackstone Labs’ Halo Elite that contains a proprietary 100:1 extract (Andro 100) from the tree bark of Eucommia ulmoides and possesses bimodal phytoandrogenic and hormone potentiating effects by other lipidic components.

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