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Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE helps you get over a plateau and enjoy impressive gains. Unlike other andro and prohormone supplements, this product will increase your lean muscle size, mass and power.

  • Improve your muscle and performance
  • 99% absorption
  • Converts in the body into testosterone
  • Better sleep and faster recovery
  • Increased libido

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Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE helps you to get over a plateau and increase your gains rapidly and effectively. Unlike other andro products and prohormones, this supplement has a two-step conversion process which turns androstenediol to androstenedione then into testosterone. As a result, you’ll see huge increases in lean muscle mass, power and size.

  • Converts to testosterone via 2-steps
  • Exceed your muscle and performance expectations
  • The patented liposomal delivery system delivers 99% absorption
  • Converts in the body into testosterone, the ultimate muscle-building hormone
  • Rapid gains in strength and muscle mass
  • Enhanced sexual function
  • Alpha male mentality
  • Improved sleep quality

What To Expect From Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE

Gaining mass isn’t easy; it takes years of hard training and big eating. In an ideal world, you’d have all the time in the world to train, eat, and sleep. But you don’t live in a perfect world. You live in a world that demands in results in NOW, not 5-10 years from now.

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE is a serious muscle-builder for serious bodybuilders and athletes looking to pack on the size in a hurry. Utilizing the anabolic power of 4-DHEA, Brutal 4ce will help you add weight to the bar each workout, skyrocket Testosterone levels, and build slabs of lean muscle in no time at all.

The lipodermal delivery system ensures 99% absorption into the body. In turn, it releases the compounds consistently into your body to allow you to grow 24/7. You’ll never have to worry about your body going catabolic just a few hours after taking a prohormone or andro product. Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE is ideal for the most serious bodybuilders and athletes who want fast increases in strength and muscle mass.

This 100% legal non-methylated product isn’t toxic for your liver. That means there’ll be no unwanted and unpleasant side effects. Since there is also only a low oestrogen conversion with this product, the chance of oestrogen-related side effects is low.

It’s recommended that you use PCT straight after this prohormone cycle for 30 days. This will ensure the best results.

Key Ingredients in Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE

4-DHEA Blend (65mg) Brutal 4ce assaults your muscles with THREE highly effective forms of 4-DHEA (4 androstene-3b-ol,17-one). 4-DHEA undergoes a 2-step conversion beginning with androstenediol and ultimately ending as testosterone – the ultimate anabolic hormone for building size and strength.

A common problem of 4-DHEA products of the past was that they suffered from poor bioavailability, meaning you’d have to take tremendous amounts of the compound just to get minimal effectiveness. This put users at an increased risk of developing unwanted side effects.

Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE uses Liposomal delivery technology to create a 4-DHEA supplement that’s 99% bioavailable, making Brutal 4ce extremely efficient than the prohormones of yesteryear. Increased effectiveness, less risk, bigger gains using Brutal 4ce.

When To Take Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE

If you plan to use Blackstone Labs Brutal 4CE, you must use it in 4-6 week cycles followed by 4 – 6 weeks off afterwards together with a rigorous programme of PCT.

This supplement is only suitable for use by experienced trainers who are aged 21 or over and who is ready to boost their muscle and strength gains to a whole new level. This supplement is also only suitable for men due to its testosterone boosting effects. Women should not use this product because of the possibility of negative hormone-related side-effects.

We recommend Brutal 4CE only for those who have had an extensive run with popular natural muscle builders such as all forms of testosterone boosters and natural anabolics.

PCT  is vital for any prohormone cycle. We highly recommended that you are familiar and prepared with your PCT protocol after completing your cycle, if not, please see our Guide To PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

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