China Ban of SARMs

Has China Banned SARMs?

You may have heard some companies claiming that SARMs will no longer be available.

For a lot of brands, this may be true (and we’ll explain below) but we can assure you that there is no need to panic-buy.

Supply will not be stopped for a small number of exclusive companies/brands buying from the main factories in China (as opposed to the resellers who water down the raws). Supply of certain compounds may be slightly delayed whilst the central factories that manufacture SARMs compounds acquire their licenses.

At Pumping Iron Store, we have not suffered any delays or disruptions as we are fully stocked up on raws for many months ahead.

Be aware that some factories and brands/retailers (including those who DON’T manufacture but purchase watered-down raws from re-sellers WITHOUT licenses) will still be promising their clients that everything will continue as normal. Of course, why would they want to lose the business? Alternatively, they will be pushing their customers to stock up as they liquidate their products, knowing that their re-seller factories will no longer be supplying them. 

Due to our credentials and history working in different similar fields, we have exclusive sources in China for our compounds. It is only a handful of factories that are exclusively producing certain compounds; it is a common misconception that there are ‘many’ factories producing SARMs. In actual fact, there is a small number of factories and a large number of re-sellers who add fillers and impurities, increase prices and then sell to smaller customers.

Pumping Iron Store have exclusivity with some of these factories who will only supply us; we are confident with the purity and have built extremely long-term, steadfast relationships with our partners for many years. We have access to resources that no one else has and this is our unique strength.

In light of this China ban, we have stocked up on raws and we know that our suppliers have no problems acquiring their licenses. We also have our required licenses for importing our materials and therefore our factories do not have a problem continuing business as normal. Nevertheless, even the factories with licenses have agreed to only supply certain clients for various reasons, this will still mean that most companies will struggle until they run out of stock, or end up liquidating.

All in all, we feel confident that we won’t be running out of stock and, where possible, we will also absorb any potential price increases. Be aware that more fakes or underdosed products will be filtering into the market but if you choose the right supplier, things will be as normal.