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Mutagenic Labz Assimilation is a Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA) and is essential for anyone who wants to enhance nutrient partitioning and stabilising blood glucose levels. Ultimately, this greatly improves your ability to gain lean muscle mass and reduce body fat levels. Whether you’re bulking or cutting, a GDA is a must-have staple in any supplement regime.

  • Minimises fat storage
  • Helps to optimise blood glucose levels
  • Shuttles carbs into muscle cells
  • Carbohydrates are used for muscle glycogen storage instead of fat stores
  • Perfect for carb-up before a competition
  • Promotes insane muscle fullness, crazy pumps and vascularity like never before
  • Helps build quality muscle mass that won’t disappear after use
  • Increases endurance levels
  • A must-have for any athlete or bodybuilder

How Does a GDA Work?

When we consume carbohydrates, they get stored in our body as glucose and end up either in our muscle cells or in our fat cells. The hormone insulin is the one responsible for carrying the glucose to the muscle cells. Glucose disposal agents are designed to help optimise this process. Assimilation seeks to harness the power of insulin, considered by many as the most important anabolic hormone of them all.

After consuming food, insulin acts to drive proteins, carbohydrates and fats into muscle and fat. Those with poor insulin sensitivity will associate insulin with increased fat gain, whilst those with good insulin sensitivity see the amazing benefits of the commonly-misunderstood hormone. Insulin is associated with optimal glycogen storage in muscles; it gives you the fullness and pump, it provides your body with energy, effectively driving performance gains.

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Nutritional Information

Contains: 60 capsules
Serving size: 1 capsule

Ingredients per capsule:
Gymnema slyvestre 500mg
Bitter melon extract (containing 10% momordicine bitters) 400mg
Berberine 300mg
Cinnamon extract 200mg
4-hydroxyisoleucine 100mg
Resveratrol 100mg
Vitamins (calcium ascorbate) 50mg
Alpha lipoic acid 30mg
L taurine 25mg
Piperine 5mg

Vegan-Friendly: Veggie caps are used in all Mutagenic Labz products

Directions: Take 1 capsule with every carb-heavy meal (1-3 times per day).

3 reviews for Mutagenic Labz Assimilation Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA)

  1. Paul Flower

    I am extremely impressed with the ingredient combo in this product. Cheers for the speedy delivery as well!

  2. James Stuart

    Top product. Berberine is underrated! Excellent ingerdient profile. Highly recommended.

  3. James Coombes

    I take it prior to ‘big meals’ and definitely feel a difference, I can tell you that I do not feel bloated or overly full each time I used it. Fulness and pumps are noticeably better in the gym, I’m impressed. It’s a staple supplement for me now.

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