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Olympus Labs Andar1ne (S4) is the perfect SARM for those wanting to take their physique to the highest level, without the risk of harsh side effects associated with similarly potent products. It can significantly increase levels of lean muscle mass while reducing body fat levels and increasing vascularity, to give the ‘chiselled’, sharp look all bodybuilders seek to achieve. It really shows its efficacy during cutting phases, with users able to still put on mass despite being in a calorie deficit thus exhibiting similar, if not better, effects than steroids such as Anavar. However, it can also provide a major boost while in a bulking phase, to truly accelerate muscle gains while mitigating fat gain. Thus, if you are a bodybuilder wanting to sculpt a world-class physique, this is your ultimate SARM.

  • Potent hardening agent for exceptional body re-composition
  • S4 exists as one of the most researched SARMs in the industry, shown to selectively generate anabolic activity
  • Preserves and improves lean body mass, while increasing oxidation of fatty tissue
  • Doesn’t cause liver damage
  • 0% chance of aromatization
  • Minimal growth of secondary sexual organs
  • The ultimate SARM with an exceptional potency

Renowned for their ability to create unique yet exceptional supplements, Olympus Labs have continued to provide the bodybuilding industry with products able to take users to new aesthetic heights. Now, their newest product Andar1ne represents yet another step up the ladder in the quest for the ultimate body recomposition agent, utilising the highly versatile S4: one of the most analyzed SARMs in the industry so far.

Andarine (S4) is a highly versatile and exciting SARM that is able to selectively generate anabolic activity in the human body while increasing the oxidization of fatty tissues. Put simply, this means the creation of lean muscle tissue while simultaneously reducing body fat – with certain studies showing that individuals were able to put on 3lbs of muscle tissue while in a calorie deficit! The selective generation ability of S4 also means it does not cause liver damage or gynecomastia – both common amongst SARMs users.

Added to this, it shows 0% chance of aromatization in the period post-cycle, thus mitigating against increases in feminine characteristics. If you are looking for a SARM that can bring unrivalled aesthetic improvements, Andar1ne is one you sure don’t want to miss out on!

What is Andarine (S4)?

Initially developed in order to combat conditions such as Osteoporosis or as prevention for muscle wastage, S4 is one of the most researched SARMs at present. However, it has recently been shown to yield surprising results in clinical trials on male rats: it not only increased muscle mass and calcium production for increased bone density but it did so in a selective manner. When applied to humans, this means it is able to selectively stimulate anabolic activity: allowing the user to mostly surpass any of the nasty side effects associated with products of similar potency.

But how does it stimulate this activity? Well, S4 is described as an Androgen Receptor (AR) agonist. This means that it has a significant affinity/potency for binding to the AR in order to stimulate the production of useful genes – for example, the anabolic genes that benefit muscle growth. Going even further, S4 is also capable of desensitizing the AR to natural testosterone supplies, meaning the effect of taking S4 is increased even further.

Andarine (S4) Side Effects

Worried about side effects? Well, you shouldn’t be! Thanks to its selective effects on the body, S4 does not cause gynecomastia or liver damage and causes very minimal growth on secondary sexual organs (eg. prostate). It also exhibits:

  • 0% chance of aromatization or any other rises in female characteristics during the post cycle period
  • Larger increases in muscle mass than DHT
  • An ability to be used by females without excessive masculine features
  • No heart enlargement or damage to organs
  • No diminishing of testosterone during the post-cycle period

When to Use Andar1ne

This product can be used in both Cutting and Bulking phases. For Cutting, it can grant muscular gains even while in a prolonged calorie deficit: a state highly sought after yet difficult to attain – promoting improved vascularity and a ‘harder’ appearance. While for bulking, it can supercharge your muscle development to optimize your training and diet to get exceptional results.

Who can Use Andar1ne

Both males and females can use this product, as it is both non-aromatizing (for men) and does not cause excessively masculine features in female users.

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving:
Andar1ne: (2S)-3-(4-acetamido-phenoxy -2-hydroxy-2-methyl-N-(4-ni-tro-3-trifluoromethyl.phenyl) -propionamide – 25mg

Other ingredients: Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take one capsule of Adar1ne per day. Do not exceed 12 weeks of continuous use, and follow up with an appropriate PCT.

1 review for Olympus Labs Andar1ne (S-4)

  1. Karen Roberts

    This is one of the few SARMs I’ve tried, alongside MK-677, Cardarine and SR9009. To be honest I’ve been weary of trying SARMs in case of any virilisation effects but massively pleased with results and no negative side effects, would recommend this if you’re female and looking for huge improvements in physique. I don’t compete but have been taking my training seriously for about 3 years and needed that boost to take me to the next level, hit a plateau with my progress recently and wanted to lose about 20lbs after a bulking phase but I’m so impressed – my weight has barely dropped at all, yet body fat levels are much lower and seems I’m gaining a decent amount of lean mass. Excellent product, couldn’t recommend it highly enough (especially if you’re in your 30’s and finding age is starting to battle against you!).

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