What is Epistane Prohormone

What is Epistane: Guaranteed Gains (Updated 2024)

Epistane is a pro-hormone popular with bodybuilders and strength athletes especially those new to prohormone use but what is it and how does it work? Epistane is an excellent prohormone for people who want fast results in increasing lean body mass, improving fitness, boosting strength and losing weight.

Pumping Iron Epistane 10mg x 60
Pumping Iron Epistane 10mg x 60

What is Epistane?

Epistane is an orally active designer steroid commonly used to increase physical performance. It has a strong androgenic effect, prompting protein synthesis while enhancing the absorption of nutrients into muscle cells for increased strength and development. Its derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with added benefits such as heightened libido and improved sexual function in some users; making it an effective supplement to many fitness regimens.

How Does Epistane Work?

Epistane (2a, 3a-epithio-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-adrostan) is a methylated derivative of Epitiostanol (Thiodrol).

The compound is a derivative of DHT and increases testosterone production. As a DHT derivative, it is known to dramatically increase strength and aggression. It also produces very noticeable physique changes for the user. It’s suitable for use during cutting, recomposition or bulking cycles.

Epistane is not an injectable, it is taken orally (another benefit). It works by binding to androgen receptors across all skeletal and muscle stem cells. This sends messages from the androgen receptors to cells across the body, inducing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

This all results in improved strength, muscle mass and weight loss across the whole body with minimal side effects. And that, in a nutshell, is why this prohormone is such a popular choice for bodybuilders and athletes looking for positive results quickly!

An added advantage of this product is its libido-boosting effects. If you want to enhance your sex drive and performance, you won’t be disappointed when you use this supplement.

Who Should Use Epistane?

Epistane actively causes muscle growth and fat loss. As you can imagine, this makes it a popular product for bulking and cutting cycles.

If you are a keen athlete or bodybuilder looking for noticeable results in increased lean muscle mass or fat loss (plus increased stamina and training performance), this prohormone could be the ideal product.

Epistane is often drier and has less androgenic and aromatic effects than most other pro hormones, thus it appeals to beginners or those seeking a very basic cycle.

Because Epistane is a derivative of DHT and increases testosterone production, it is generally advised that only males over the age of 21 should use this compound.


Epistane is often used by athletes and bodybuilders to improve their physical performance and appearance. Some of the potential benefits include increased muscle mass and strength, improved endurance and stamina, enhanced fat loss, and faster recovery from workouts. It may also help to improve bone density and joint health, and may have a positive effect on mood and cognitive function.

Additionally, because Epistane has a weak androgenic effect, it may be a good option for female athletes who are looking for a performance-enhancing drug that is less likely to cause masculinising side effects.

Here are the 10 most prominent benefits for bodybuilders:

  • Improved training performance (in weeks!)
  • Overall fat loss
  • Strength gains
  • Visible muscle mass increase across the body
  • Quicker muscle and skeletal repair (adds to training performance)
  • No bloating or water retention (like some other anabolic steroids)
  • Can help improve your general well-being
  • Promotes dry, hard muscle gains
  • Much faster post-workout recovery time
  • Very minimal side effects

Potential Side Effects

Like all performance-enhancing drugs, Epistane can have a range of potential side effects.

While acne, oily skin, hair loss and increased body hair growth are some of the most frequent issues associated with its use, this substance can also lead to elevated blood pressure as well as adverse impacts on cholesterol levels. In large doses or when used in prolonged periods of time there may be an even greater chance of liver toxicity; other possible reactions include joint pain, headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort.

To reduce the risk of unwanted side effects, keep within the recommended dosage and cycle length of 4-6 weeks.

How Fast Can You Expect Results with Epistane?

Epistane is renowned for its efficacy, with most users seeing the effects of supplementation take hold within weeks. Its notable benefits include increased muscle mass and strength, improved stamina levels during exercise, plus enhanced fat loss – all experienced due to individual variations such as dosage regime, metabolism rate and diet/exercise habits.

Various research projects have shown that athletes find noticeable benefits within just a couple of weeks.

How long can I use Epistane for?

For optimal results and safety, users should follow a cycle of four to six weeks with breaks in between. As individual factors such as age, health status or dosage may influence this timeframe it is essential that individuals adjust their plan accordingly. To help reduce the risk of any adverse side effects once use has finished, complete post-cycle therapy (PCT) must be followed – allowing natural hormone levels to resume effectively.

What is the Best Epistane Dosage?

First-time users of Epistane should use no more than 30mg daily. The dosage is split into several 10mg doses throughout the day every 6 hours due to the short half-life.

Experienced users can use up to 40mg per day, however, it’s important to understand that increased dosage will also increase the risk of potential side effects.

Some experienced users report using as much as 60mg per day, however, this is down to individual judgement and only for very advanced users.

Cycle length is usually 4 weeks but some advanced users have been known to run their cycles up to 6 weeks.

What’s The Best Cycle Support for Epistane?

As with any pro-hormone, long term use could have adverse effects on your liver, so you should use cycle support such as TUDCA.

Pumping Iron TUDCA 1000mg (High Strength Liver Detox)
Pumping Iron TUDCA 1000mg (High Strength Liver Detox)


The Pumping Iron TUDCA is a state of the art liver detox product that works perfectly as a detox product alone or alongside a prohormone cycle. A crucial aspect to successfully running your prohormone cycle is preserving your best health, so you can feel well in your body and revitalised after your post cycle therapy to enjoy your new-found strength and results in the long term.

What’s the Best PCT for Epistane?

After taking this prohormone, you should run a PCT such as Pro PCT (6-OXO).

Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO)
Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO)


Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO) is an advanced SARMs and prohormone PCT that contains 6-OXO, a potent aromatase inhibitor which should only be used by experienced users of SARMs and prohormones. This supplement is intended for male athletes only and shouldn’t be used by women. PRO PCT can be used to prevent estrogen related side effects on-cycle as well as a powerful recovery agent for post cycle therapy (PCT)

  • Strongest aromatase inhibitor on the market
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Reduces conversion of testosterone to estradiol
  • Supports muscle retention
  • Increases testosterone:estrogen ratio
  • Suitable for vegans (HMPC Veg Cap)

What is Epistane Stacked With?

Epistane is often stacked with SARMs and other compounds such as MK-677 for synergistic effects. We would not recommend stacking it with other prohormones.

Is Epistane legal to buy and use?

The legal status of Epistane varies depending on the country or region in which it is sold. In some countries, it may be considered a controlled substance and require a prescription, while in others it may be available over-the-counter. It is important to research the legal status in your area before purchasing or using it.


If you want amazing results in increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing fat levels and improving endurance, all whilst leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying regular gym workouts, then Epistane is the product for you! It cannot convert to Estrogen or DHT, so the effects are anabolic – and you can expect results in 2-4 weeks.

Read our Guide to PCT for more information.

Best Testolone RAD-140 Dosage

RAD-140 Dosage and Complete Cycle Guide for Maximum Gains

Arguably one of the most talked-about compounds on the bodybuilding scene today, we’re going to look at the optimum RAD-140 dosage and cycle protocol that will give you the gains that you’re looking for.

RAD 140 – also known as Testolone – is a popular SARM with benefits including muscle gain and fat loss. But, as with any compound, it’s important that anyone considering to research Testolone knows the best RAD-140 dosage and cycle protocols to take. So here is everything we currently know about what dose to use, cycle length and stacking methods for best results.

What is RAD-140?

Testolone was developed as an investigational drug which might be able to treat muscle wasting diseases and help patients build muscle. It is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator), which works by selectively binding to some androgen receptors in the body – specifically those in muscle tissue and bone tissue. These receptors “talk to” the steroid hormones called androgens, including testosterone.

RAD 140 is thought to help increase muscle mass, boost fat burning and fat loss, and may even have neuroprotective benefits. It is also popular with men who are experiencing low testosterone levels and want to boost their physical performance and physique alongside getting their test levels up.

However, there have been no human studies on RAD 140 so far, and the long term risks and benefits are unknown. As with any SARM, do your research.

Like all SARMs, RAD 140 is on the WADA banned list so you should not use it if you are going to compete in tested events or take part in professional sports.

5 Benefits of Testolone

SARMs are popular with bodybuilders and people wanting to get bigger, stronger, and leaner. RAD 140 is no different in that respect. Here are the top benefits of Testolone for people who train in the gym.

1 Muscle growth

RAD 140 boosts the body’s development of proteins and muscle cells and can help stimulate muscle growth. Because SARMs are selective in the receptors they bind to, RAD 140 shouldn’t give unwanted side effects.

2 Repair and recovery

RAD 140 has been found to trigger the MAPK pathway which plays a part in protecting and repairing cells, and some users report better sleep. In one study scientists were able to use RAD-140 to activates receptors in damaged sections of the brain. The resulting reaction was a signal known as the MAPK pathway which is known to protect brain cells.

3 Bulking

Some SARMs are stronger and better for muscle gain, others are good for cutting. RAD 140 seems to be a better choice for a bulk.

4 Brain health

RAD 140 interacts with androgen receptors, and androgens are important for protecting brain health. RAD 140 may be able to help improve memory and cognitive health.

5 Fat loss

RAD 140 has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and boost muscle mass which can also help you burn fat and get leaner for better body composition.

With all these potential benefits, it’s no surprise bodybuilders are attracted to Testolone for training, fat loss, muscle gain, and recovery.

Best RAD-140 Dosage and Cycles

The lack of human studies means it’s difficult to give specific advice on how to dose RAD 140, but we can tell you what other people do. Anecdotal evidence is currently the best source of information regarding the research of SARMs. Below are some examples of popular RAD-140 dosage and cycle research methods.

Male esearchers begin at a dose of 10mg/day and increase to no more than 30mg/day.

Although RAD-140 is not recommended for women, those who do decide to research this drug will start with 5mg/day and increase to no more than 10mg/day.

A cycle length will generally last between 8-12 weeks following by a 4-week PCT and “off-cycle” break period.

RAD-140 is suppressive. It is critical that you are familiar and prepared with your PCT protocol before you start your cycle to avoid unwanted side-effects.

Some people stack Testolone with other SARMs, popular choices seem to be Ligandrol (for bulking), Ibutamoren, Ostarine, or Cardarine (for cutting).

Best RAD-140 Dosage for Bulking

The best RAD-140 dosage for gaining mass is 20mg-30mg/day for 12 weeks, with an off-cycle of 12 weeks. This lengthen cycle means you get maximum benefits of the strength gains, so you can train harder and lift more for the duration of a successful bulk. You’ll avoid most of the training fatigue typically experienced during a serious training block, and consequently, you’ll be able to keep training harder and increase your lifts throughout your bulking cycle.

RAD-140 Bulking Cycle

Testolone RAD-140 – 10mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Ligandrol LGD-4033 – 10mg per day dosed once a day in the a.m.
Ostarine MK-2866 – 25mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.

Best RAD-140 Dosage for Cutting

Testolone can also be used on a cut. Remember, it was originally developed to help prevent muscle wastage – and this is exactly what you want to do when you are in an extended calorie deficit. If you can hang on to more muscle when you are dieting, not only will you look better but your metabolic rate will stay higher.

The best RAD-140 dosage for cutting is slightly lower than that of a bulking phase if you are in a caloric deficit and primarily aiming for its anti-catabolic properties.

RAD-140 Cycle for Cutting

Testolone RAD-140 – 10mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Cardarine GW-501516 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Stenabolic SR-9009 – 30mg per day, 5mg split doses 2-3 hours apart

Best RAD-140 Dosage for Recomposition

Body-recomposition allows a person to build lean muscle mass whilst dropping body fat simultaneously. We said it here, yes it’s possible to lose body fat and gain muscle at the same time. With that in mind, the RAD-140 dosage is higher than on a ‘cut’ and adding Andarine into the mix to maximise lean gains.

RAD-140 Cycle for Body-Recomposition

Testolone RAD-140 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Cardarine GW-501516 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Stenabolic SR-9009 – 30mg per day, 5mg split doses 2-3 hours apart
Andarine S-4 – 50mg per day, 25mg in the a.m. and 25mg 4-6 hours later

Best RAD-140 Dosage for Strength

This stack makes use of the powerful synergistic effects of RAD-140 and S-4 when stacked together. Throwing Cardarine into the mix further maximises performance, which ultimately carries over to strength gains.

RAD-140 Cycle for Strength & Power

Testolone RAD-140 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Cardarine GW-501516 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Andarine S-4 – 50mg per day, 25mg in the a.m. and 25mg 4-6 hours later

Best RAD-140 Dosage for Lean Gains

This stack is the same as the re-composition stack but your own diet manipulation is what comes into play. Increasing your calorie and/or protein intake will optimise results for lean mass gains, increasing muscle protein synthesis whilst mitigating fat gain.

RAD-140 Cycle for Maximum Lean Mass Gains

Testolone RAD-140 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Cardarine GW-501516 – 20mg per day, dosed once a day in the a.m.
Stenabolic SR-9009 – 30mg per day, 5mg split doses 2-3 hours apart
Andarine S-4 – 50mg per day, 25mg in the a.m. and 25mg 4-6 hours later

Does Testolone Need A PCT?

All SARMs have the potential to suppress the body’s natural hormone levels and impact testosterone production, to varying degrees.

RAD-140 is one of the more potent SARMs and it is suppressive. It is critical that you are familiar and prepared with your PCT protocol before you start your cycle to avoid unwanted side-effects.

3 Surprising Benefits of LGD-4033

3 Surprising Benefits of LGD-4033

In this article we’ll take a brief look at the 3 Surprising Benefits of LGD-4033 and if you want to know more, head over and read our blog post on Amazing Benefits of Ligandrol for more information. We’ll go over everything you need to know about this powerful SARM and its noteworthy benefits if you’re looking to transform your physique in just 8-12 weeks!

Ligandrol LGD-4033 is one of the most popular selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) on the market and its growing reputation isn’t to be taken lightly. This compound really helps you pack on muscle mass, develop denser muscle tissue, increase lifting strength and get leaner during a diet phase. Before you decide whether Ligandrol should be part of your supplement stack, read this and find out about the potential benefits of LGD-4033.

What Is Ligandrol LGD-4033?

Ligandrol LGD 4033 is a SARM – a selective androgen receptor modulator. It’s typically used by men and women who want to enhance their physique and build strength because it has been shown to have a positive impact on muscle building, training performance, fat loss potential and even bone strength.

Ligandrol binds to the body’s androgen receptors (in muscle and bone tissue), where it boosts anabolic activity and suppresses catabolism – which is how it can have an impact on growth and recovery.

All SARMs are selective to bone and muscle tissue, possibly because these tissues have more of the co-regulator sensors they need. Ligandrol does activate androgen receptors but it is chemically different from any kind of anabolic steroid.

How Was Ligandrol Developed?

Like most SARMs, Ligandrol was originally developed as a medical drug to combat troublesome health issues. Specifically, Ligandrol was developed to reduce muscle wastage in muscular dystrophy sufferers and to help people recover better from hip fractures.

Its impact on cell growth and tissue recovery was picked up by bodybuilders who recognised it as a potent compound for muscle gain. Ligandrol is still a relatively new compound so there is limited official scientific research into its effects but there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence from within the bodybuilding community.

Ligandrol is not restricted for human use but you need to know it is banned by WADA so you should steer clear of it (and of all SARMs) if you aim to compete in professional sports or in drug-tested bodybuilding or physique contests.

Ligandrol For Bodybuilding

Lingandrol is popular with bodybuilders training for hypertrophy (muscle gain), strength, mass and fat loss. But it is also a common choice of SARM for physique models, CrossFit athletes and regular gym-goers. The benefits of LGD-4033 offer a versatile compound for anyone who wants to take their physique to the next level and fast. LGD4033 will help you to pack on the muscle and diet for fat loss without the usual risk of catabolism and muscle loss.

3 Surprising Benefits Of LGD-4033

#1 Muscle gain

Ligandrol targets anabolic pathways in the body and has been shown in human clinical trials to increase muscle mass and leg strength. Aside from this study, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders who use LGD-4033 (alone, or with other compounds) to boost muscle mass and density, plus strength and training performance.

#2 Strong bones

By activating the body’s androgen receptors, Ligandrol may increase bone density and strength. This is important for bodybuilders as strong bones mean a strong foundation on which you can create a great physique. In addition, healthy bones mean you can lift heavier without fear of excess injury risk. Every bodybuilder needs to think about skeletal strength.

#3 Cognitive health

Although SARMs work on muscle and bone tissue, there is some evidence to suggest Ligandrol directly affects the brain, too. This is of interest to bodybuilders because of cognitive health impacts on training focus, endurance and motivation.

Aside from these 3 Surprising Benefits of LGD-4033, bodybuilders report a lot of other benefits to using Ligandrol, including:

  • more visible muscle pumps during training
  • maintaining muscle gain (even after a cycle)
  • easier and faster fat loss when dieting
  • increased energy and endurance
  • a feeling of energy and focus during the day
  • faster recovery between training sessions
  • increased strength for weight training
  • mood-boosting for mental wellbeing

Dosage & Cycling

Bodybuilders use Ligandrol for bulking cycles, cutting cycles and for body recomposition (lean gains) periods of training. LGD4033 can be used by itself but it can also be stacked with other SARMs or different types of compounds. Common SARMs stacks include Ligandrol with Cardarine, Testolone (for strength and muscle gain) or Ostarine (for fat loss or body recomp). Check out Mutagenic Labz Symbiote capsules if you want a reliable blend of Ostarine MK-2866 and Ligandrol LGD-4033.

One study showed pretty impressive gains on a dose of just 1mg per day but most guys will run Ligandrol doses should be up to 10mg per day (for men), and up to 5mg per day for women. The half-life of Ligandrol is 24-36 so there is no need to split the dose (most people take their daily dose in one go).

Advice on length of cycles is mixed, with some people advising a 4-week limit (followed by a 4-week recovery period) but others use Ligandrol for 8 or even 12 weeks for fat loss. Most people don’t feel the need for PCT after a Ligandrol cycle as the suppression is very mild but a great way to boost recovery post-cycle is with the use of testosterone boosters to help stimulate natural hormone production levels after use.

We know from clinical trials that levels of blood LGD 4033 can almost triple after 3 weeks (compared to day 1) – this tells us that concentration of the compound does build up in the body. This might be one reason for shorter cycles.

Choosing The Best Ligandrol Product

Ligandrol might be banned in drug-tested sport but it’s available as a research chemical. However, you still need to be smart about where you get your SARMs.

There are a lot of disreputable sellers out there who either pack their products with weird extra ingredients or who can’t prove the quality and dosage of the active compound.

We recommend Mutagenic Labz Symbiote that offers a super-popular blend of Ligandrol with Ostarine. This is one of the best SARMs stacks for lean gains, body recomposition, or fat loss with muscle gain. Symbiote gives you 4mg Ligandrol with 10mg Ostarine.

If you want LGD4033 on its own, go for Research Pharma UK LGD-4033 Pro which contains an “Absorb Core” base to improve bioavailability and to extend the half-life of the compound, making it one of the strongest and most efficient on the Research Compound market.

If these 3 Surprising Benefits of LGD-4033 didn’t impress, head over to our blog post on Amazing Benefits of Ligandrol for more information

5 amazing benefits of ostarine mk-2866

5 Surprising Benefits of Ostarine MK-2866

Discover everything you need to know about the popular SARM Ostarine, also known as MK-2866. Ostarine is one of the most popular SARMs in the bodybuilding and physique world – no surprise once you learn about the potential effects of this research-backed compound.

What Is Ostarine?

If you’ve been around the bodybuilding or physique sport world for even a short while, you’ve probably heard about Ostarine. But what is this compound, why do some people use it, and should you consider it (or should you look for a better alternative)? To begin, it’s worth mentioning that this is widely considered one of the safest anabolic SARMs on the market.

MK-2866 is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) which is popular with strength, power and physique athletes who are looking for ways to boost muscle mass and strength with fewer or no side effects compared to harsher compounds such as steroids or prohormones. It was originally developed to help treat muscle-wasting conditions, so you can understand why bodybuilders are drawn to it. It preserves lean tissue when conditions would usually lead to catabolism (for example, dieting or high-frequency training).

How Does MK-2866 Work?

Like any SARM, MK-2866 can mimic testosterone (the primary anabolic hormone), stimulates the body’s androgen receptors and boosts the steroid hormone receptors. It can activate stem cells, helping to regenerate and build muscle and bone tissue – exactly what bodybuilders want. For this reason, MK-2866 is thought to have fewer side-effects than anabolic steroids because SARMs do not affect the organs. They are very selective by their very nature, which is the main advantage of any SARM. Of course, this can change if someone stacks Ostarine with an anabolic steroid.

Ostarine is renowned for improving both training performance (strength and power) and physique appearance (through bigger, denser muscle mass). However, its noteworthy advantage is injury repair and recovery; it has an excellent affinity for joint repair in particular.

Muscle Gain & Recovery with MK-2866

One reason many bodybuilders use MK-2866 is for its impact on the IGF-1 gene, as well as muscle cells and cells in connective tissues. Ostarine may stimulate these cells which means faster recovery from training stress. Less time out for recovery (or less soreness during your next training session) means you can train more frequently, achieving a greater workload across the training week. This is likely to result in greater muscle growth from the training stimulus.

In one human study of 120 healthy elderly people, Ostarine significantly increased lean muscle mass as well as fitness levels with no side effects or steroid-like risks.

5 Potential Effects Of Ostarine

There are five key reasons a bodybuilder might choose to use Ostarine.

#1 Muscle gain
The SARM is often used as a compound to aid muscle gain because of its effect on stimulating muscle cells. Not only does this mean you may gain additional muscle tissue but you are likely to protect the muscle mass you already have (important during a fat loss phase).

#2 Recovery
It can mean faster recovery from DOMS and training fatigue. This means you can train more frequently and you can push harder during each session.

#3 Fat loss
It is thought to slow or stop muscle breakdown (catabolism) whilst the body is getting leaner. This means you can push harder during a dieting phase without the usual worry about losing muscle, resulting in the holy grail of lean gains.

#4 Cardiovascular health
Ostarine can have a number of benefits for heart health, including reduction of triglycerides, reduced lipids and reduced total cholesterol. It may also help lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin resistance.

#5 Increased metabolic rate
It is thought to increase base metabolic rate, meaning you will burn more calories during training, NEAT and cardio. It can also increase endurance and give you better stamina, which will also mean longer more intense training sessions. All these combined means you are likely to burn more calories – good news if you are trying to get shredded.

How Long Does MK-2866 Take to Work?

As with most supplements, one of the most commons questions asked is how long MK-2866 takes to work. Anecdotal evidence shows that people tend to feel a great sense of ‘wellbeing’ within 2-3 days of using Ostarine. A sense of vitality, positive mood, good energy and holistic ‘balance’.

Many bodybuilders and athletes report noticeable consistent strength gains within the first 2-3 weeks of using the compound. In terms of physical changes; body composition and muscle definition, results will usually be seen to the eye from 4 weeks onwards, however, it’s important to understand that this ultimately comes down to so many individual factors. Your current body composition, your goals, your training and diet, as well as recovery protocols. Everyone will respond to different compounds in different ways whilst your efforts and commitment will play an even bigger part in how quickly you see results.

Ostarine & Bodybuilding

MK-2866 is best known for is building muscle and burning fat – two things all bodybuilders are interested in at some point during their lifting career (even if they never want to step on stage).

Muscle gain: remember how we said Ostarine was originally developed to help tackle muscle wasting diseases? People who want to build more muscle tissue, and hang on to the muscle they’ve got, can use MK-2866 to harness those anti-catabolic effects.

Fat burning: Ostarine has muscle preserving properties, meaning you can diet more aggressively or for longer without losing muscle tissue. Retaining muscle during a diet phase means you’ll also retain more strength, so you can train harder and heavier, all leading to a positive circle of lean gains.

But there’s more than muscle building and boosted fat-burning abilities. Ostarine can also boost bone health, help reduce LDL and triglycerides and improve insulin resistance. These are all things which can be attractive to bodybuilders looking to gain mass and strength.

How to Stack Ostarine

Bodybuilders use Ostarine in a few different ways. This is what you need to know.

Using Ostrarine by itself: Ostarine MK-2866 can be used alone. It should be used as a cycle (like any SARM) of 12 weeks for men, up to 8 weeks for women. Men should use between 15-25mg and women should use 5-10mg. Ostarine has a half-life of 24 hours so there is no need to split the dose across the day.

With other SARMs: bodybuilders typically stack Ostarine with other popular SARMs, like Ibutamoren MK677 or Ligandrol LGD-4033. Ostarine can also be used in a so-called “triple SARM” stack of Ostarine plus Andarine and Cardarine (although Cardarine isn’t a true SARM).

Choose The Best Ostarine Supplement

Like any SARM, it’s important you choose the best-quality Ostarine MK-2866 supplement. Don’t go for the cheapest product. Check the label carefully and look for smart ingredients which are designed to optimise the product’s effectiveness so you see the best gains.

We love our best selling Mutagenic Labz Ostagainz, which delivers 10mg of pure Ostarine MK-2866 along with Piperine in every dose (to aid digestion and absorption). It’s non-liver-toxic, has no androgenic activity, and promises minimal side effects – with maximum results. Click here to try it for yourself. Choose an Ostarine product you can trust, backed by a reliable name in bodybuilding supplements.

We should point out that Ostarine – like all SARMs – is not approved for use in tested strength and physique sports but for those of you who don’t want to compete with the tested federations? There are so many reasons to try Ostarine by itself or as a stack, whether you’re dieting, bulking, or aiming for a body recomposition phase.

Dry Gains with M-Sten (25lbs in 4 Weeks)

Insane Dry Gains with M-Sten (25lbs in 4 Weeks)

If you’ve taken an interest in prohormones, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about M-Sten, or Methyl Sten, short for Methylstenbolone, which was first brought to the market as Ultradrol.

Methystenbolone is one of the strongest prohormones on the market which makes it one of the most popular bulking compounds in the prohormone category. Where M-Sten stands out from the rest is the quality of lean muscle gain; its advantage is very little water retention, greater vascularity and definition.

Another advantage of M-Sten is that it doesn’t convert to estrogen. That means no problems “down below”, either with performance or bladder.

Methylstenbolone is banned by WADA so is not recommended for drug-tested athletes.

What are the Benefits of Methylstenbolone?

Gains of an M-Sten cycle are impressive, with a reported lean mass gain of up to 25 lbs in 4 weeks. What you can expect from an M-Sten cycle:

  • Dry gains – minimal water retention
  • Doesn’t convert to estrogen
  • Boosts strength levels
  • Helps promote the development of fuller muscles
  • Considerable size and mass gains
  • Allows you to train longer and harder, which means you get results quicker
  • There are quite a few reports about 3% body fat reduction while gaining as much as 6 pounds of muscle in a 4-week cycle

How to Cycle M-Sten

Gearing up for lean muscle gain means you need to eat more and better than usual; your diet should be on point for best results. Drink lots of water – M-Sten is not liver-friendly. For the same reason, avoid alcohol, that’s the last thing your liver needs on a prohormone cycle. Do it right and you’ll be seeing results in the first couple of weeks.

We recommend 4 weeks on M-Sten initially, and no more than 6 for experienced users.

Depending on your goals, you can adapt your dosages – for cutting, lower dosages work perfectly, whereas for bulking, tapering up the dosage will optimise results. Here are a few protocols you might want to consider:

Newbie Users: 4-week cycle (Week 1-2, 1 capsule per day
, Week 3-4, 2 capsules per day)

Experienced Users: 4-week cycle (Week 1, 1 capsule per day
, Week 2-4, 2 capsules per day)

Advanced Users: 4-week cycle (
Week 1, 1 capsule per day
, Week 2-3, 2 capsules per day
, Week 4, 3 capsules per day)

Do I need to run PCT after a Methylstenbolone Cycle?

Yes. It’s not just your cycle that matters; your Post Cycle Therapy is the phase that makes all the difference. Having a solid PCT protocol will ensure you keep your gains, restore your testosterone levels, balance your hormones and ensure you don’t suffer from those ‘post-cycle blues’. Run your PCT for 4 weeks – we recommend the Mutagenic Labz Regen-T (Total PCT).

Another little-known secret to the perfect PCT is bridging your prohormone cycle with SARMs.

Signs that show you need to pay more attention to your PCT:

  • Feeling tired when you normally wouldn’t
  • Being more aggressive and not knowing why
  • Lower sex drive
  • Back pumps (taurine can help)
  • Joint pain

What are the Side Effects of M-Sten?

It’s not all good news though, but you knew that, right? M-Sten is pretty toxic, to avoid liver damage you’re going to need a quality liver support such as Mutagenic Labz TUDCA Plus.

M-Sten can affect your kidneys too; if you get dark urine while you’re using, that’ll be down to elements that aren’t being metabolized by your body.

M-Sten can also affect your blood pressure and cholesterol, so maintaining a good diet is critical.

Although it doesn’t convert to estrogen, any prohormone will mess with your hormone levels, which means estrogen could be produced because of other factors.

Stacking M-Sten

The Mutagenic Labz Hulk Stack includes M-Sten, Assimilation and Metamorphosiz.

  • Ideal for: Lean Bulking, Cutting/Shredding, Strength, Endurance, Fullness, Huge Pumps, Vascularity, Lean Mass Gain
  • No Bloating or water retention
  • Does not aromatise
  • Highly anabolic
  • Cycle protocol: 4 weeks (8 weeks off)
RAD-140 Advice Before You Buy Testolone

RAD-140 Advice Before You Buy Testolone

RAD-140, also known as Testolone, is selective androgen receptor modulator – or SARM for short. These compounds are gaining a solid reputation within the bodybuilding world as safer and healthier alternatives to anabolic steroids.

RAD-140 began life as a type of testosterone replacement therapy but whether it actually serves as one is disputed.

Similar to other SARMs like S-4 (Andarine) and LGD-4033 (Ligandrol), RAD-140 is known to mimic the results of testosterone albeit without the side effects.
This works because they both focus on the same receptors.

The effects they produce influence muscle and bone tissue as well as the liver.

The Benefits of SARMS

The advantage of SARMs over testosterone is their selective nature. They tend to target muscle and bone tissue over other organs thus allowing SARMs to treat hormone-related and muscle-wasting conditions with less danger of organ damage.

SARMs properties allow them to bind to androgen receptors found in different parts of the body. These receptors are used to interacting with a special group of steroid hormones called androgens. These androgens, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and androstenedione are naturally produced in the body.

Their selective nature means SARMs have become more popular than testosterone or steroids in the bodybuilding world. Because of its testosterone-like properties, RAD-140 is popular for men with lower testosterone levels, but who are unsure of taking traditional testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

For many, it is another way to amp their physical appearance and increase their sex drive. The compound was also considered as a treatment for muscle wasting conditions and as a potential treatment for breast cancer.

It was developed by Radius Health, a billion dollar ‘Big Pharma’ company, in 2010. Due to its relatively recent inception RAD-140 is the new kid on the SARMS block. The drug is so new that human trials for RAD-140 only began in 2017 and the few results available are somewhat inconclusive.

As it’s not been legally proven to be safe for human consumption and resulting trials haven’t exactly shaken the earth… you might ask, what’s the big deal?
Well, whether the drug proves fit for purpose in a medical sense is a moot point. We all know that Big Pharma is unlikely to approve anything until they’ve found ways to capitalise on the revenue. So it’s with little surprise that in a later iteration RAD-140 found its way onto the bodybuilding stage and right now it’s the new rock and roll.

What Results To Expect From Testolone

The core benefits of Testolone are as follows:

  • Huge increases in lean muscle mass
  • Superior strength gains
  • Supports enhanced strength and explosive power
  • Improved muscular endurance and stamina
  • Fat burning
  • More anabolic than testosterone
  • No androgenic side effects such as male pattern baldness
  • Excellent stacking potential with other SARMs and prohormones
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Increases libido
  • Heightened aggression
  • Increased brain function

RAD-140 is an orally administered SARM designed to seek out, bind to and activate the body’s androgen receptors. This means that in the case of the prostate and breast tissue, RAD-140 blocks AR activation and AR cellular proliferation.

The benefit of this reaction, at least in a bodybuilding senses means that RAD-140 can actively increase bone and muscle mass. This is a powerful aid to any athletes looking to increase muscles mass without increasing androgen levels.
In layman’s terms, RAD-140 is one of the most recognised SARMs for building muscle mass.

In one study scientists were able to use RAD-140 to activates receptors in damaged sections of the brain. The resulting reaction was a signal known as the MAPK pathway which is known to protect brain cells.

Androgens are an important player when it comes to protecting our brains. Tests have proved that androgens have the ability to improve brain cell growth, protect memory, and tackle the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

How RAD-140 Works

RAD-140 is drawn towards androgen receptors specifically in bone and muscle tissue. Targetting results in the areas we want, this aspect is what makes SARMs so special and ideal for those looking to build lean muscle mass and prevent that muscle from wasting away again.

Once it binds to the androgen receptors, RAD-140 increases nitrogen retention and boosts the synthesis of protein. It’s this reaction that enables users to develop lean muscle.

The good news is that unlike testosterone, testolone is not aromatized or converted into DHT. It also won’t bind to androgen receptors in the prostate or the liver. It’s not known what causes RAD-140 to be so selective, but it’s a moot point as the results speak for themselves.

RAD-140’s structure is unlike that of steroid hormones. The biggest advantage of this is that your body can’t convert it into hormones like oestrogen thus negating the unwelcome side effects. A common problem for anabolic steroid users.

Taken in higher doses, and we’ll talk more about that later, it can also promote fat loss and there are reports it can improve brain function.

RAD-140 Medical Trials: A Tale of Mice and Men

Human trials, as mentioned are currently underway, but evidence from a trial on mice proved the compound to be very successful in increasing muscle.
There’s also a wealth of anecdotal evidence from user studies, almost all of which are overwhelmingly positive.

How To Use RAD-140

Because RAD-140 is a SARM it’s taken orally, usually in the form of capsules or liquid SARMs. The reason for this is simple. Compounds like steroids are not choosy about which tissues they affect, therefore it can be dangerous to ingest them. After all, the last thing you need is a steroid deciding it wants to bind to your heart or other major organs. By contrast, SARMs are selective in terms of binding and will only bind to specific receptors. This means that unlike steroids, which need to be administered directly by intramuscular injection, RAD-140 is safe to take as an oral supplement.

RAD-140 Dosage

RAD-140 is considered to have a similar potency to the compound LGD-4033 which demonstrates solid results from a daily dose of 20/30mg.

Naturally, this dosage is dependent on your size and intended results.
RAD-140 is generally considered to work better for men and some sources go further suggesting that women avoid it altogether.

If you are female and do want to try it then we would strongly urge you to read up on both sides of the argument before going ahead. If you do decide to try it then we recommend a lower daily dose of 5/10mg maximum.

RAD-140 Side Effects

As a new drug, potential users should be mindful of the lack of clinical trials and results. Clearly, this suggests there is insufficient data to establish whether the drug is safe for human consumption. On the flip side of that argument, RAD-140 has seen considerable use in the bodybuilding community. There is, therefore, a wealth of anecdotal evidence from potential users to support this standpoint, but we urge you to draw your own conclusions.

The good news is that neither the few clinical trails nor much of the personal evidence suggests there is much to worry about in terms of ill effects.
One side effect to be aware of and prepare for is suppression; your body’s natural testosterone production is lowered or potentially shut down.

Suppression is triggered by the SARM’s ability to fool the body into thinking it has an abundance of testosterone. Suppression can lead to fatigue, low sex drive and a lack of motivation or aggression.

Other minor reported side effects of RAD-140 include mild headaches, nausea and skin conditions like acne and rashes.

Naturally, the chances of side effects increase with higher doses and staying within safe recommended limits greatly reduces the extent of the side effects you’ll experience.

Reduced Androgenic Side Effects

As a non-hormonal compound, RAD-140 won’t aromatize or convert to DHT. In fact, quite the opposite; RAD-140 can reduce swelling in the prostate gland. This may be due to a side effect of exogenous testosterone. This factor means it’s a good addition to an anabolic steroid cycle.

You may read or hear something about RAD-140 being described as a partial antagonist. This stems from a preclinical characterisation. This might sound like RAD-140 is less androgenic than other SARMs but this is not strictly accurate. The truth is most SARMs are known by the term ‘partial agonist’ in androgen affected tissues, but while RAD-140 is classified in its preclinical profile as a partial antagonist, in certain conditions it can have both properties.

You may, therefore, hear that RAD-140 is the only SARM with antagonistic effects on the prostate gland but that statement is potentially misleading.
All selective androgen receptor ligands have demonstrated partial agonist activity around the prostate. This includes RAD-140 regardless of its preclinical profile.
As a final note, you can play around with this online ovulation calculator and see your most fertile days if you’re trying to conceive a baby.

Does RAD-140 Cause Hair Loss?

Due to its myotrophic/androgenic properties, there is a low risk that RAD-140 could promote hair loss if taken at a sufficiently high dosage.

There are substantial anecdotal reports of users losing hair to RAD-140, but in each case, the reported dosage was far higher than normal.

It should be noted that by adding it to an anabolic steroid stack, RAD-140 could reduce the risk of hair loss.

Does RAD-140 Cause Gynecomastia?

All SARMs carry the risk of gynecomastia (gyno) due to their impact on the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis. That said, the risk is much lower with RAD-140.

Suppressing testosterone production is enough to cause a hormone imbalance and such an imbalance may be enough to trigger gynecomastia development.
If in doubt also seek professional medical advice.

RAD-140 Vs Anabolic Steroids

RAD-140 is often considered the next best thing to steroids, at least in terms of results. There are multiple reports of huge lean muscle and strength gains and even some suggestion that it can help burn fat at the same time.

In terms of practicality, there really is no competition, despite the fact testolone hasn’t been around long it has already proven itself to be a viable alternative to traditional steroids. Not only is it non-specific and therefore safe to take in oral form, but RAD-140 also has most of the upsides of anabolic steroids and practically none of the downsides (except suppression).

There are no reports of testicular reduction or an enlarged prostate. Indeed, the most significant complaint is that it may cause a reduction in testosterone levels.
RAD-140 is renowned for its potency and as a result reports of dramatic results are commonplace.

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest the anabolic to androgenic ratio of RAD-140 is as high as 90:1. It is this huge swing that allows the compound to deliver enormous muscle mass and it’s not unknown for users to gain 10lbs+ of lean muscle from one cycle.

RAD-140 Vs Testosterone

As mentioned, the compound was at least partially developed as an alternative to Testosterone. It makes sense that they share a number of properties, although one study highlighted an interesting difference.

In tests it was discovered that taken alongside anabolic steroids, RAD-140 was able to reduce the side effects of testosterone. It’s not known exactly why this phenomenon occurred, but it’s likely that it’s related to RAD-140’s inability to aromatise or convert into DHT. Either way, the results seemed conclusive.

What Results to Expect from Testolone

Despite the lack of official trial data, there is a wealth of information available from private users of Testolone. We’ve researched most of the reports thoroughly and what follows is a condensed version of our findings:

Increased muscle mass

An early animal trial on RAD-140 demonstrated an average weight gain of more than 10% over a 28 day period. This was achieved using a stand-alone low dosage of RAD-140. Researchers noted no adverse side effects, even those traditionally associated with testosterone

Strength gain

One of RAD-140’s most attractive properties is its ability to make you stronger. Over the course of a 28 days cycle, the effects are noticeable from as early as two weeks in. Lifts will become easier and your sets will feel more intense. You’ll break records, set new benchmarks and best of all these effects will last.

Increased bone density

As with all other SARMs, over time RAD-140 will improve the mineral density of your bones. You may even find that the compound prevents and aids recovery of previous bone injuries.

Stamina, speed & endurance

RAD-140 has gained a lot of fans in the bodybuilding community, many of whom report significant increases in all of the above.


Aggression, focus, call it what you will, when it comes to RAD-140 you will notice a clarity of mind far beyond your daily norm. This ‘aggression’ should not be confused with ‘roid rage’ and although there are limited reports of irritability at the early stages you’re unlikely to feel the need to let rip anywhere other than the gym. It’s a good idea to make sure you focus on getting enough sleep.

Less apathy

One universal report about RAD-140 is the compound’s elixir-like quality. You’ll bounce out of bed, spend the day on top of the world before bouncing back in again.

How To Cycle RAD-140

Testolone, or RAD-140, is best taken in six to twelve-week cycles followed by a course of PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).

In the short term

In the first couple of weeks, RAD-140 users will begin to feel physically stronger. This due to the compound’s ability to help the body build muscle. This increased strength will allow you to train harder and longer and in turn build even more muscle.


Halfway into your cycle, you should start to see a significant physical change. Increase weight, visible muscle growth and naturally, you’ll be able to train even harder now.

Two Thirds In

Throughout the process, you will continue to gain weight and strength and if your dose and program are on target, you can expect to see gains muscle mass gains anywhere between 10 to 15 lbs (4.5 to 7.5 kg).

Does RAD-140 Require Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Almost all supplements can suppress the body’s own innate ability to create certain chemicals. In the case of SARMS, this usually equates to an inability to produce testosterone. As mentioned above, an eight-week cycle is sufficient to make measurable gains from RAD-140 and we strongly urge you to follow this with a rigorous period of PCT.

The best way to do this is to take both Clomid and Nolvadex to bring the body’s hormone levels back in balance. We advise a four-week course of PCT after each RAD-140 cycle. This will also depend on the dose.

Stacking RAD-140

Testolone stacks well with most other SARMs and prohormones. Despite the lack of clinical trials it appears to be a safe bet when it comes to supplements and this means it’s safer than most to stack alongside others. Stacking reports are of course entirely anecdotal and you’ll need to use your own judgement to decide whether stacking it right for you. There have been some positive reviews from users stacking Testolone with YK-11.

The key takeaway noted from most of these reports is that the stacks appear to significantly improve the acceleration of the muscle building effects. Best results were posted by those taking the stacks on a two to one ratio. That’s twice as much RAD-140 as YK11 (for example, 20mg Testolone v’s 10mg of YK11). This stack alleges tangible muscle and strength improvement in just three days.
Other SARMs with positive reported results, when stacked with RAD-140, include Ligandrol and Ostarine. Again these stacks appear to amplify the effect of both compounds.

RAD-140 Price and Availability

RAD-140 is readily available on the market but it’s worth remembering that the SARMs and supplement market can be a lawless place. Therefore it is a good idea to source your supply from a reliable source and not from the back of the gym.

Naturally, we provide an excellent range of RAD-140 products with independently tested Certificate of Analysis (CoA) documents to reassure you of what you buy, but there are others out there too, just be sure to avoid the black market.

Testolone is not the cheapest SARM on the block, but as the drug becomes more accepted in the mainstream you can expect to see the price fall. For now, however, many users consider its price point acceptable, especially considering the achievable results.

Other Important Factors


RAD-140 has good bioavailability. Research gleaned from primate tests suggested an absorption rate in the 70% region.


The jury is somewhat out on the half-life. Much will depend on the purity of your source but reports indicate that the average half-life of RAD-140 sits around the 18-hour mark. If this figure is accurate, and we believe it is, then taking Testolone once per day should provide the desired results.


As with most SARMS, there is a legal grey area surrounding Testolone. It is not an illegal substance but it is worth noting that SARMs are banned by WADA and in most sports – it is listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list.

In conclusion

Miracle elixirs and potions of youth are common phrases in the bodybuilding world. With a little research and some closer examination, however, these magical cure-alls are more often than not little more than glorified snake oil.
Testolone or RAD-140 holds up to closer scrutiny better than most.

At the end of the day, we have to conclude that despite its chequered past in the Big Pharma world, RAD-140 does appear to have much to offer the bodybuilding world. You’ll want to make sure you keep within the guidelines and always be prepared to seek professional medical advice if things go south.

Due Diligence and Disclaimers

We have done our best to present an honest and open article on the pros and cons of RAD-140. It should be noted however that this article is our opinion only. We are not trained medical professionals and make no claim to be so. It is our aim only to provide information to allow the reader to make up their own mind on whether this drug is for them or not.

All claims and statements in this article are true to the best of our knowledge. While it is true that this drug is an untested substance and banned in most sporting events, we believe there is sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s not only safe to use but can offer much in the way of rewards.

After all, if we relied on big pharma to decide what’s safe, we’d end up with zero cures, wealthy chemists and a never-ending stream of expensive treatments.
So, decide for yourself if Testolone is the SARM is for you.

LGD-4033: Amazing Benefits of Ligandrol

LGD-4033: Amazing Benefits of Ligandrol

Hailed as the ‘King of SARMs’, LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol or LGD for short, is quickly becoming the SARM of choice for bodybuilders, weightlifters, crossfitters and even fitness models. In the bodybuilding world, SARMs are often used as a safer substitute for anabolic steroids. SARMs have many of the advantages of steroids without the nasty side effects but the purpose for taking them both remains the same; to enhance fat loss while building muscle, to improve performance and strength, as well as to promote healing and recovery.

See our guide to Bridging Prohormone Cycles with SARMs.

Dropping fat while you’re trying to increase muscle mass seems counter-intuitive and with good reason. Biology doesn’t like the idea in general, so if you’re trying to achieve this effect you’re going to need some help. Ligandrol is probably the most effective. It’s taken orally and was developed to combat muscle-wasting conditions and osteoporosis.

How Does LGD-4033 Work?

LGD-4033 binds itself to targeted androgen receptors in muscle tissue. It is this selective nature which allows Ligandrol to be taken orally rather than by injection. Because of its selective nature, LGD-4033 naturally avoids major organs which makes it a lot safer than some of the alternatives and especially steroids.

LGD-4033 increases the body’s testosterone levels, which promotes muscle growth, improves the amount of energy produced by the body and generally boosts blood circulation. There has been some suggestion that LGD-4033 also improves bone density which would make sense considering its potential as a treatment for osteoporosis.

The Benefits of Ligandrol

The many benefits of Ligandrol reflect its extremely popular status as one of the best SARMs on the market today:

  • Promotes lean and dry muscle mass gains
  • Sustainable results, even at lower doses
  • Boosts fat loss
  • Increases libido
  • Increases stamina and endurance
  • Promotes recovery
  • Considered the best SARM for bulking amongst many
  • Ideal for body recomposition (losing body fat whilst gaining muscle)
  • Stacks brilliantly with Cardarine for effective cutting cycles
  • Gives amazing pumps and fullness
  • Increases cardiovascular strength by week 3
  • Gives a heightened sense of wellbeing without mood swings or crashes
  • More powerful than Ostarine
  • The closest SARM you can get to testosterone
  • No bloating or water retention
  • No male-pattern hair loss
  • No liver damage
  • No changes in cholesterol or blood pressure

LGD-4033 Increases Libido

SARMs are selective in their nature but they also affect the brain and offer a host of cognitive benefits. This explains their positive effects on libido and mood enhancement. There have been many anecdotal reports supporting that LGD4033 can greatly improve cognition, libido and energy; most users report an increased sense of wellbeing and stamina when using this SARM.

Ligandrol Side-Effects

Ligandrol is still new and there hasn’t been a great deal of research on it. The few studies that do exist suggest the SARM is easily tolerated by the body and few if any side effects have been recorded.

The studies and other anecdotal evidence does suggest that users will experience very slight suppression. In most cases, there is no need for a PCT but some may prefer to run a mild over-the-counter PCT supplement and a Testosterone Booster to optimise natural testosterone levels post-cycle.

LGD-4033 doesn’t increase estrogen levels so there is no risk of man boobs, puffy nipples or water retention.

Although safer than some of the other SARMs on the market and clearly safer than steroids, there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that Ligandrol can cause headaches and nausea.


The few studies that have taken place suggest that doses as low as 1mg per day are enough to have a significant effect on muscle growth and that doses as high as 25mg showed little, to no, side effects.

An entry-level dose of 5mg per day rising to 10mg if you’re on the heavier side. The results that have come in suggesting that a cycle of 2-3 weeks is enough to cause a significant effect but 4-8 weeks is ideal.

How to Take LGD-4033

The half-life of LGD 4033 is 24–36 hours, therefore it can be taken just once per day. Keep in mind is that its long half-life means that the levels of LGD-4033 will gradually build up in your system over the course of your cycle. Studies showed that blood levels nearly tripled after 3 weeks compared to the first day.

While most SARMS are often stacked together for optimum results, a lot of users see great results with LGD-4033 as a standalone. Stacking Ligandrol works best with MK-677, Cardarine, Ostarine and Testolone RAD-140.

In conclusion

LGD-4033 is a potent yet safe SARM that stacks well with other SARMs, prohormones and supplements, and the fact it can be taken orally is a bonus.

Everything You Need To Know About MK-677

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) – What You Need to Know

Also known as Ibutamoren, MK-677 is often referred to as part of the SARM family, although strictly speaking this is incorrect. Ibutamoren is not a selective androgen receptor modulator but is a compound known as a secretagogue. What this means is that it signals the body to produce or secrete a specific hormone.

Benefits of MK-677

MK-677 makes the body increase the amount of growth hormone it produces, which has many ancillary effects, most of which are related to muscle growth and increased bone density. In medical fields, it was developed to treat frailty in the elderly. In short, the main benefits of ibutamoren are:

  • Increases IGF-1 and growth hormone serum levels
  • Promotes lean muscle mass gain
  • Increases fat oxidation
  • Boosts recovery and healing including bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • Tightens the skin
  • Improves sleep quality

In addition to increases in muscle tissue and a leaner physique, studies suggest that Ibutamoren can produce significant anti-ageing effects, as well as improved bone density and more rapid recovery times.

A single tablet taken daily is designed to release wave after wave of naturally secreted growth hormones.

How Does MK-677 Work?

Ibutamoren is an orally taken drug which once ingested tricks the pituitary gland into working overdrive. The massive boost in GH or growth hormone is what makes it so interesting to the bodybuilding world. Combined with the appropriate diet and exercise regimen, an introduction of Ibutamoren can cause impressive muscle growth alongside much improved fat loss.

Side Effects of MK-677

It’s always worth considering the data when trying to determine whether a drug is right for you. While there has been a reasonable amount of study into Ibutamoren, there hasn’t been a great deal of research into its use as a bodybuilding supplement. With that said, the studies and anecdotal evidence that do exist suggest there is little to fear health-wise.

The most common side-effects experienced with Ibutamoren include slight lethargy, some experience increased appetite, although this isn’t always a negative side-effect for those who need some help gaining weight/bulking.

Although rare, some users have reported headaches and nausea, which would appear to increase in prominence at higher doses.

Because Ibutamoren is an orally taken substance, it’s probably safer than anything you need to take via a needle, which also reduces any hygiene-related risks such as bacteria or infections from unclean syringes or contaminated solutions.

MK-677 is Safe for Women

Ibutamoren is fine to use for both men and women as it doesn’t affect the amount of testosterone or estrogen the body produces. This means that there is zero-risk of specific hormonal imbalances and unwanted side-effects like puffy nipples, heightened aggression or hair loss.

MK-677 Dosage

Ibutamoren works well at lower doses. The average is around 5mg and this is enough to produce numerous GH pulses over the course of a day.

Some users have reported more pronounced effects at higher doses of around the 25mg range, but there is significant anecdotal evidence to suggest a higher dose comes with more ill effects. The users who did report those findings, also said the side effects seemed to diminish after they lowered the dosage.

Ibutamoren stacks well with SARMS and prohormones.

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