Do SARMs Show on Military Drug Tests? (2023)

Do SARMs Show on Military Drug Tests? (2023)

Do SARMs Show on Military Drug Tests? If you’re wondering if the regular military drug test will be able to detect SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), the good news is –a standard drug test won’t!

To pick up the presence of SARMs in your body, military personnel can rely on specific tests designed specifically for this purpose.

Do SARMs Show on Military Drug Tests?

If you’re in the military and worried about drugs like steroids or SARMs showing up on a urine test, rest assured that your Commanding Officer (CO) would have to write an official letter to the drug testing agency before they run any extra tests. So take it easy – don’t talk too much about enhancement substances, as investigations come with a price tag – especially if funds are scarce within unit operations!

The military very rarely tests for the usage of SARMs because it is an expensive process that takes extra time and money to complete. However, if you are exhibiting suspicious behaviour or your commanding officer has a hunch that you may be using SARMs, they can request that your urinalysis be tested for steroids/SARMs. If this happens, it means they have solid suspicion of your SARM usage.

How Often Does the Military Test for SARMs?

It’s worth noting that testing for SARMs obviously costs extra money—if you are in a unit where they don’t often waste money on things like that, they most likely won’t even test you if even if you are obvious, unless someone in your command is being difficult.

The drug test meant for detecting SARMs costs around $300 USD.

SARMS Rules & Regulations

If you’re wondering do SARMs show on military drug tests, it is important to note that there are strict rules and regulations pertaining to SARM usage that must be followed when serving in the military. Make sure that you know what these rules are before considering taking any form of supplement or drug while serving as an active member of the military. Ignorance is not an excuse!

Personal Experiences/Opinions on Reddit:

Here are some comments from fellow SARMs users on Reddit who share their experiences:

  1. I am on drill status right now, and I get random UA’d on occasion, I ain’t ever popped hot, it’s a specific test, so just don’t let anyone know you are taking anything gnarly and you should be good, just about what everyone else said.

  2. I’m also military. They don’t test unless they have solid suspicion

  3. Active navy here. Second year of sarms. Plenty of tests passed 👍 also, I can only attest to navy policy, but it’s very unusual to get tested for anything outside normal scope. I work with plenty of very strong guys- we had a shop contest to pick up the back of the duty truck. They won’t usually want a full panel unless there’s a mishap where drugs are suspected.

  4. Do SARMs show on military drug tests? Currently in the military right now, Sarms will not pop hot for a normal UA from my knowledge. They have to specially test for steroids or other substances, (sarms), which cost over $300 and the military doesn’t want to waste money on that. I’m pretty sure only the CO can authorize a piss test like that, but only under reasonable cause. Just be smart about it.

  5. It will not show up on a UA. In order to test for SARMs you need a special drug test. On a normal UA the military gives has the basic drugs on it. (I.e. Marijuana, Cocaine, Opioids, DMT, mushrooms, LSD, human growth hormone and of course 1 random drug added). It is to expensive to get a sarms drug test thats why bodybuilder comps and the Olympics are the only 2 that really test for sarms.

Do SARMs show on Military Drug Tests Specifically for Steroid and SARMs?

Yes. If your Commanding Officer requests this specific test, you can be facing some trouble. However,  as long as one follows these guidelines and understands why such precautions must be taken when using any supplements while serving in the military, they should experience all of the benefits without running into any problems down the road.

When it comes to SARMs, the body is typically diligent in ensuring they pass through your system quickly. Almost all SARMs, with the exception of S4 and S23, have a half-life of approximately 24 hours. This means that it takes about 10 days for the compound to be excreted by the body. S4 and S23, however, only take about 5 days to get flushed out of the system.


Do SARMs show on military drug tests? The short answer is no, but it could be a ‘yes’ if it is specifically requested by your Commanding Officer (CO).

For example, make sure not to exhibit suspicious behaviour or draw too much attention from superiors who may request a drug test specifically looking for steroid/SARM usage at their own discretion—and remember that ignorance of these rules will not exempt anyone from punishment or costly fees associated with testing should suspicions arise!