Sexual Health Supplements are designed to optimise various aspects of sexuality, namely sexual desire (libido), estrogen and testosterone balance, cortisol management as well as enhancing stamina and performance. Our great range of sexual health products at accommodates for a wide variety of purposes.

Supplements that affect sexual health will often work by altering the levels of hormones, such as Blackstone Labs Eradicate Estrogen Blocker or Apex Male Testosterone Booster. Some will have indirect actions due to their nootropic effects on fatigue, depression and stress, such as Euphoria. One of our best selling products Himalaya Tentex Royal targets the root cause of erectile dysfunction by supporting normal communication between the nervous system and blood flow. Its powerful combination of ingredients helps in increasing testosterone levels naturally for better performance and healthy sperm count, as well as reducing stress and anxiety by relaxing the brain cells.

Male sex hormone production peaks around the age of 18 and decreases as you get older. Various aspects of daily life – overtraining, stress, age and mood, all play a role in affecting hormone balance and hindering sexual desire or performance. Supplements can be a powerful tool in optimising sexual health, and many of these products are 100% natural and side-effect free. It’s worth noting that libido problems often arise from poor post-cycle therapy protocol, particularly if you use suppressive compounds such as prohormones. See our Guide to PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to ensure optimal recovery after your cycle and keep your sexual health in check.

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