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Olympus Labs Radar1ne has now been re-branded as Game of Gains King Rad! RAD-140 will help create a more muscular physique and provide rapid increases in strength and power. Radar1ne is more anabolic than testosterone and unlike testosterone has no androgenic side effects. This means no unwanted male pattern baldness, spots or unnecessary aggression. The new ingredient in Radar1ne, RAD-140, opens up new ground for muscle building and represents a huge advance in the science of building muscle and strength while it also enhances nutrient partitioning leading to a leaner physique.

  • RAD-140 4mg x 90 capsules
  • More anabolic than testosterone
  • Anabolic to androgenic ratio of 90:1
  • A great addition to a prohormone cycle
  • Best for bulking cycles
  • Improves libido and sexual performance
  • Best SARM for muscle growth and size
  • Reduces fat and increases muscle mass
  • Ideal to enhance body composition
  • Rapid muscle recovery
  • A safer alternative to anabolic steroids
  • No androgenic side effects such as male pattern baldness
  • Excellent stacking potential with other SARMs and prohormones
  • PCT required

What is Olympus Labs Radar1ne?

Olympus Labs Radar1ne is RAD-140, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator, also known as a SARM. SARMs are a novel class of supplement which exert significant effects in a very short space of time which many former prohormone users are switching over to on account of their more focused action which is targeted to muscle tissue and not on areas like the hairline or skin.

Although studies of RAD140 are currently limited, the evidence that has been gathered is very promising. One study performed on monkeys examined its effect on muscle growth with significant results that showed considerable increases in lean muscle mass after only 28 days.

Results To Expect From Olympus Labs RAD-140

RAD-140 is the main active ingredient in Olympus Labs new SARM Radar1ne. Proven to be more anabolic than testosterone with a powerful 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio, Radar1ne will enhance lean muscle mass, send your strength higher while enhancing physical endurance and recovery very quickly.

With Olympus Labs RAD-140 you get all the muscle building effects without the androgenic side effects such as male pattern baldness or increased aggression. If you want a guaranteed increase in both mass and strength, Radar1ne looks to be a highly promising option and more potent than anything else out there with the exception of the stronger prohormones.

In one study scientists were able to use RAD-140 to activates receptors in damaged sections of the brain. The resulting reaction was a signal known as the MAPK pathway which is known to protect brain cells.

Individuals treated with Testolone have also reported improvements in the levels of sexual development and function. Testolone users report improved workout results and sexual performance. It is also useful to slow down the signs of muscle breakdown and damage as RAD-140 improves the production of testosterone in the body and thus helps men in their late 30s and 40s perform better.

Unexpectedly, some Testolone users have reported improved sleep quality but there are currently no studies to back this claim. The same can be said for RAD-140’s ability to enhance sexual performance although this would make perfect sense due to its testosterone-mimicking effects.

The use of Testolone is associated by RAD-140 users with dramatic relief from muscle wasting or loss of muscle tissue, weakness and fatigue that makes the entire otherwise-complicated processes of healing and recovery easy and quick.

RAD-140 users can expect dramatic fat loss and gain 5-15 lbs lean muscle mass gains in as short as four to six weeks.

Who can Use Olympus Labs Radar1ne

Male athletes will benefit from Olympus Labs Radar1ne.

Although RAD-140 is only recommended for male research subjects, some hardcore female athletes looking for extreme muscle building can be a bit more confident knowing there are no androgenic side effects associated with Radar1ne.

How to Use Olympus Labs Radar1ne

Olympus Labs Radar1ne is most effective when doing a mass bulk cycle and assisted with a high-calorie diet. RAD-140 will produce results within an 8-week cycle but 12 weeks is recommended for best results.

The recommended dosage of Testolone for men is 20-30mg every day, preferably 30-40 minutes before workouts and after meals. The half-life of this SARM is around 20 hours and therefore once per day dosing is fine.

Do I Need PCT After a RAD-140 Cycle?

Yes, RAD-140 is suppressive and requires a full PCT.

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RAD-140 (Testolone)


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2 reviews for Olympus Labs Radar1ne RAD-140 – 4mg x 90 Capsules

  1. Brett WIlson

    Results are showing after first week! Solid, look fuller day after day, even strength already going up. I had high hopes for RAD-140 and this definitely didn’t disappoint, will be coming back for more that’s for sure. Can imagine stacking this!!


    RAD 140 is just a magician, took it twice a day, before 45-an hour before training and another at night before sleeping, stacked with MK677
    ..you literally feel the difference in no time, you will gain a noticeable muscle mass without all the pain and terrible side effects that comes with testo* or dbal* etc,, (No acne, no issues with the kidney or sexual life) etc…
    personally i Haven’t experienced any side effects so far and been on it for 10 weeks.
    it also helps with keeping muscle mass intact whilst on calorie restricted diet. during pre-competition phase,,, stack it with frag* and you will be able to see your hard lean muscles under your thin skin…I highly recommend it, my only negative feed for it is that it’s way over priced, compared to actual steroids that could give you faster better results at almost 1/3 of the price, this is what I gained after RAD 140., it simply works.

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