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As we get older, our level of testosterone naturally drops, that’s where Blackstone Labs Apex Male can help. As a fully-fledged testosterone booster solution, this supplement helps you to achieve great gains in size, virility, vitality and strength.

  • Powerful testosterone booster
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Better sex drive and libido
  • Greater self-confidence and improved mood
  • Naturally boosted testosterone level
  • Non-toxic to the liver so no need for PCT or cycle support

Results to Expect From Blackstone Labs Apex Male

Blackstone Labs Apex Male improves your body’s growth hormone and testosterone output. As a result, this supplement improves your strength and body composition. It also brings you a host of other excellent benefits including an improved mood and a higher libido.

This daily supplement is packed with natural ingredients known to boost testosterone such as Epimedium, Bulbine, Maca, Tribulus, NMDA and Fenugreek. It also contains mucuna pruriens which enhances growth hormones and Bioperine which increases the positive benefits of Apex Male’s nutrients.

By taking Blackstone Labs Apex Male testosterone booster every day as part of your workout regime, you can benefit from faster recovery times, improved muscle protein synthesis and more effective fat burning.

Ingredients That Work

Vitamin D3 (1250IU) plays a critical role in testosterone production and overall health. Research shows that men deficient in this essential vitamin have higher body fat and estrogen levels along with lower lean mass and reduced fertility.

D-Aspartic Acid (1500mg) DAA is an amino acid documented to enhance gonadotropin releasing hormone as well as growth hormone (GH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Additional research on this muscle-building amino shows it can directly increase testosterone production by the testes.

Bulbine Natalensis (500mg) Long used as an aphrodisiac by ancient peoples, bulbine has some incredible research showing it can increase serum testosterone levels, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and even testicle size! What’s more, bulbine has also been shown to reduce estrogen levels in the body, creating the ultimate anabolic environment.

Fenugreek Extract (125mg) is extremely well known in the Ayurveda and has been used as a tonic to aid everything from fever to diabetes. It’s also a proven testosterone boosting ingredient too! Fenugreek is believed to inhibit aromatase activity, thereby enhancing testosterone levels and while also decreasing body fat.

Tribulus Terrestris (125mg) is another incredibly popular and well-researched Ayurvedic herb used to enhance male virility/vitality. Research shows that Tribulus can increase IGF-1 and testosterone and enhance lean body mass, while also reducing body fat.

Maca Extract (125mg) potent botanical traditionally used by Peruvian men to enhance performance and stamina. Modern research shows that maca can indeed boost libido, sexual desire, and fertility.

L-Tyrosine (125mg) a nonessential amino acid the body uses to produce the important neurotransmitter dopamine. In addition to enhancing mood, increased dopamine production also kickstarts a series of physiological processes culminating in greater natural testosterone production. Suffice it to say this is one nonessential amino that is absolutely essential to optimal testosterone levels!

DIM (100mg) short for Diindolylmethane, DIM is a powerful anti-estrogen compound present in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli or cauliflower. DIM supports hormonal homeostasis in the body by increasing more of the “good” estrogens and decreasing the “bad” estrogens.

Prunella Vulgaris (75mg) commonly used Chinese herb, that’s also known as Self-Heal. Prunella vulgaris is edible and typically consumed in salads or brewed as a tea. It’s also a powerful antiestrogenic ingredient that reduces estrogen levels through activation of the AHR (aryl hydrocarbon receptor).

Epimedium Extract (75mg) more commonly known as “horny goat weed”, epimedium is a plant found across Asia and the Mediterranean traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. It’s rich in a compound called icariin which blocks the activity of a PDE5, an enzyme that interferes with nitric oxide production. Supplementing with icariin can enhance NO delivery and blood flow to sexual organs, enhancing performance and stamina.

N-methyl D-aspartate (15mg) A derivative of D-aspartic acid shown to be 100x more potent than regular DAA. As a more potent, and more water-soluble form of DAA, NMDA should trigger substantial muscle growth and testosterone production at a fraction of the required DAA dose.

Bioperine (5mg) A patented form of piperine, a black pepper extract included to enhance the bioavailability and utilization of all the testosterone-boosting compounds in Apex Male, ensuring you get maximum effectiveness from every dose.

Who Can Take Blackstone Labs Apex Male Testosterone Booster

Blackstone Labs Apex Male is ideal for men who want to optimise their growth hormone and testosterone levels. Serious athletes find this product decreases their recovery time and boosts their energy. Those who want greater virility also appreciate the use of a testosterone booster while those taking andro products or prohormones benefit from using this supplement to increase their natural level of testosterone once their cycle is completed.

When To Take Blackstone Labs Apex Male

Blackstone Labs Apex Male should be used for six to eight weeks at a time. As this is a natural boost for your testosterone, your body will adapt eventually to the effects that it produces. Therefore, you should also increase your muscle protein synthesis by supplementing with another non-hormonal product such as X-Factor or Adamantine.

As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules two (2) times per day with food. Apex Male is a complete and natural test booster and requires no cycling or PCT. Store in a cool, dry place.

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