A Glucose Disposal Agent is designed to reduce carbohydrates and fats from being stored as fat by the body. Instead, the body will utilise the nutrients where you want it most; as muscle glycogen and fullness, all whilst lowering blood sugar levels. A GDA works by controlling insulin, the hormone that transports glycogen to the muscle cells, however, it is also responsible for transporting glycogen to fatty tissue (which is what we don’t want). By combining research-backed ingredients, products like Mutagenic Labz Assimilation optimises nutrient-absorption (improving nutrient-partitioning) and blocks glucose from being stored as fat after a higher carbohydrate meal. Ideal for those cheat-meals and carb-loading. A Glucose Disposal Agent will maximise your muscle fullness and huge pumps when training, you’ll see more definition and size simply from utilising those extra carbs and fats. Big pumps mean big gains!

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