Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is the process of restoring the body’s natural hormone levels following the use of suppressive supplements. This is a vital step to take after using prohormones and more suppressive SARMs such as RAD-140. PCT supplements vary in their main function and sometimes combine various ingredients including aromatase inhibitors, estrogen blockers, cortisol blockers, natural testosterone boosters and a host of health and libido-supporting compounds.

The ideal combination of products for a successful PCT would work to restart HPTA, prevent catabolism, prevent fat gain while retaining enough calories to maintain the muscle mass, minimise the loss of strength and balance hormone levels.

Although these supplements primarily work to restore optimum testosterone levels post-cycle, these products are not only useful during PCT. These supplements are very versatile and can also be used as part of your every-day supplementation regime to improve energy levels, reduce fat gain and maximise your strength and muscle mass gains. These products are safe to use and offer benefits all-round. See our Guide to PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) for some useful tips to get the best results from your cycle.

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