Nootropics are designed to improve cognitive function and brain health. With their many health benefits, the most commonly sought-after effects are enhanced mood, better sleep quality, memory, motivation, confidence, brain health, creativity, productivity and concentration.

It’s important to understand that Nootropics are all about discovering what works for you. Every compound offers unique effects for different purposes and every individual has unique brain chemistry. Ultimately, these supplements will work in different ways for different people. Try Blackstone Labs Euphoria for an all-round ‘feel-good’ product.

In the same way that caffeine can wake you up in the morning, nootropics can be used for a range of functional benefits that enhance your daily life and wellbeing. They can improve productivity and motivation, ideal for high-pressure situations such as studying, essays and exams. They can boost confidence in social environments; ideal for public speaking, presentations and events. For improved sleep, Phenibut is a very effective choice. If you’re after enhanced mood, energy and focus, try Black Magic Brain Waves.

Some nootropics are even used in pre-workout for enhanced motivation, focus and drive. Most nootropics are neuroprotective, supporting brain health and supporting productivity and creativity. Ultimately, these fantastic supplements offer improvements to mental wellbeing and can even reduce symptoms of anxiety aids and depression without the negative side effects.

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  • Sale! Pumping Iron Ultimate Nootropic Stack (Bromantane/9-MBC)

    Pumping Iron Ultimate Nootropic Stack (Bromantane/9-MBC)

    The Pumping Iron Ultimate Nootropic Stack combines two of our favourite compounds for potent cognitive enhancement.

    • Dual-action endurance and nootropic supplement
    • Endurance boosting qualities
    • Optimised mood and confidence
    • Enhanced motivation and concentration
    • Elevated dopamine for focus
    • Become the best version of yourself
    • A world apart from stimulants that get you high and make you crash
    • Long acting results – unlike caffeine or other nootropics which fade quickly
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  • Pumping Iron 9-MBC - 25mg

    Pumping Iron 9-MBC – 25mg

    Pumping Iron 9-MBC is a powerful nootropic often described as ‘Dopamine Like A Child Again’. 9-MBC or 9-methyl-β-carboline (9-me-bc) to give it its full name, is an industry-leading, best-in-class nootropic which delivers lasting and prolonged effects.  Unlike so many other nootropics, which wear-off after mere hours, 9-MBC promotes real neuron and neurite growth in a highly significant manner for long-term memory and cognitive enhancement.

    • Nootropic to enhance psychological performance
    • World exclusive release of a nootropic like no other
    • Potently stimulates neuron and neurite growth
    • Enhanced dopaminergic action
    • Focus, concentration and performance
    • A world apart from stimulants that get you high and make you crash
    • Long acting results – unlike caffeine or other nootropics which fade quickly
    • STACK with Bomantane for best results!
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  • Sale! NSI-189 (High Strength) 30mg x 60

    Pumping Iron NSI-189 (High Strength) 30mg x 60

    NSI-189 is a novel neurogenic antidepressant in the nootropic category. Neurogenic drugs promote the development and growth of new neurons, or brain cells. This means that it could potentially repair damaged or missing brain cells that lead to a person being unable to experience happiness – or, in other words, who are depressed.

    “The Novel Neurogenic Antidepressant”

    • Reduce depressive symptoms
    • Reduce anxiety
    • Improve attention
    • Improve memory
    • Upregulates neurogenic factors in tandem with neurogenesis
    • Promotes behavioral recovery in stroke
    • Enhances cell proliferation and neurogenesis in stroke
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