What is Epistane Prohormone

What is Epistane: Guaranteed Gains (Updated 2024)

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 05:25 pm

Epistane is a pro-hormone popular with bodybuilders and strength athletes especially those new to prohormone use but what is it and how does it work? Epistane is an excellent prohormone for people who want fast results in increasing lean body mass, improving fitness, boosting strength and losing weight.

Pumping Iron Epistane 10mg x 60
Pumping Iron Epistane 10mg x 60

What is Epistane?

Epistane is an orally active designer steroid commonly used to increase physical performance. It has a strong androgenic effect, prompting protein synthesis while enhancing the absorption of nutrients into muscle cells for increased strength and development. Its derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with added benefits such as heightened libido and improved sexual function in some users; making it an effective supplement to many fitness regimens.

How Does Epistane Work?

Epistane (2a, 3a-epithio-17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-adrostan) is a methylated derivative of Epitiostanol (Thiodrol).

The compound is a derivative of DHT and increases testosterone production. As a DHT derivative, it is known to dramatically increase strength and aggression. It also produces very noticeable physique changes for the user. It’s suitable for use during cutting, recomposition or bulking cycles.

Epistane is not an injectable, it is taken orally (another benefit). It works by binding to androgen receptors across all skeletal and muscle stem cells. This sends messages from the androgen receptors to cells across the body, inducing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

This all results in improved strength, muscle mass and weight loss across the whole body with minimal side effects. And that, in a nutshell, is why this prohormone is such a popular choice for bodybuilders and athletes looking for positive results quickly!

An added advantage of this product is its libido-boosting effects. If you want to enhance your sex drive and performance, you won’t be disappointed when you use this supplement.

Who Should Use Epistane?

Epistane actively causes muscle growth and fat loss. As you can imagine, this makes it a popular product for bulking and cutting cycles.

If you are a keen athlete or bodybuilder looking for noticeable results in increased lean muscle mass or fat loss (plus increased stamina and training performance), this prohormone could be the ideal product.

Epistane is often drier and has less androgenic and aromatic effects than most other pro hormones, thus it appeals to beginners or those seeking a very basic cycle.

Because Epistane is a derivative of DHT and increases testosterone production, it is generally advised that only males over the age of 21 should use this compound.


Epistane is often used by athletes and bodybuilders to improve their physical performance and appearance. Some of the potential benefits include increased muscle mass and strength, improved endurance and stamina, enhanced fat loss, and faster recovery from workouts. It may also help to improve bone density and joint health, and may have a positive effect on mood and cognitive function.

Additionally, because Epistane has a weak androgenic effect, it may be a good option for female athletes who are looking for a performance-enhancing drug that is less likely to cause masculinising side effects.

Here are the 10 most prominent benefits for bodybuilders:

  • Improved training performance (in weeks!)
  • Overall fat loss
  • Strength gains
  • Visible muscle mass increase across the body
  • Quicker muscle and skeletal repair (adds to training performance)
  • No bloating or water retention (like some other anabolic steroids)
  • Can help improve your general well-being
  • Promotes dry, hard muscle gains
  • Much faster post-workout recovery time
  • Very minimal side effects

Potential Side Effects

Like all performance-enhancing drugs, Epistane can have a range of potential side effects.

While acne, oily skin, hair loss and increased body hair growth are some of the most frequent issues associated with its use, this substance can also lead to elevated blood pressure as well as adverse impacts on cholesterol levels. In large doses or when used in prolonged periods of time there may be an even greater chance of liver toxicity; other possible reactions include joint pain, headaches and gastrointestinal discomfort.

To reduce the risk of unwanted side effects, keep within the recommended dosage and cycle length of 4-6 weeks.

How Fast Can You Expect Results with Epistane?

Epistane is renowned for its efficacy, with most users seeing the effects of supplementation take hold within weeks. Its notable benefits include increased muscle mass and strength, improved stamina levels during exercise, plus enhanced fat loss – all experienced due to individual variations such as dosage regime, metabolism rate and diet/exercise habits.

Various research projects have shown that athletes find noticeable benefits within just a couple of weeks.

How long can I use Epistane for?

For optimal results and safety, users should follow a cycle of four to six weeks with breaks in between. As individual factors such as age, health status or dosage may influence this timeframe it is essential that individuals adjust their plan accordingly. To help reduce the risk of any adverse side effects once use has finished, complete post-cycle therapy (PCT) must be followed – allowing natural hormone levels to resume effectively.

What is the Best Epistane Dosage?

First-time users of Epistane should use no more than 30mg daily. The dosage is split into several 10mg doses throughout the day every 6 hours due to the short half-life.

Experienced users can use up to 40mg per day, however, it’s important to understand that increased dosage will also increase the risk of potential side effects.

Some experienced users report using as much as 60mg per day, however, this is down to individual judgement and only for very advanced users.

Cycle length is usually 4 weeks but some advanced users have been known to run their cycles up to 6 weeks.

What’s The Best Cycle Support for Epistane?

As with any pro-hormone, long term use could have adverse effects on your liver, so you should use cycle support such as TUDCA.

Pumping Iron TUDCA 1000mg (High Strength Liver Detox)
Pumping Iron TUDCA 1000mg (High Strength Liver Detox)


The Pumping Iron TUDCA is a state of the art liver detox product that works perfectly as a detox product alone or alongside a prohormone cycle. A crucial aspect to successfully running your prohormone cycle is preserving your best health, so you can feel well in your body and revitalised after your post cycle therapy to enjoy your new-found strength and results in the long term.

What’s the Best PCT for Epistane?

After taking this prohormone, you should run a PCT such as Pro PCT (6-OXO).

Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO)
Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO)


Pumping Iron Pro PCT (6-OXO) is an advanced SARMs and prohormone PCT that contains 6-OXO, a potent aromatase inhibitor which should only be used by experienced users of SARMs and prohormones. This supplement is intended for male athletes only and shouldn’t be used by women. PRO PCT can be used to prevent estrogen related side effects on-cycle as well as a powerful recovery agent for post cycle therapy (PCT)

  • Strongest aromatase inhibitor on the market
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Reduces conversion of testosterone to estradiol
  • Supports muscle retention
  • Increases testosterone:estrogen ratio
  • Suitable for vegans (HMPC Veg Cap)

What is Epistane Stacked With?

Epistane is often stacked with SARMs and other compounds such as MK-677 for synergistic effects. We would not recommend stacking it with other prohormones.

Is Epistane legal to buy and use?

The legal status of Epistane varies depending on the country or region in which it is sold. In some countries, it may be considered a controlled substance and require a prescription, while in others it may be available over-the-counter. It is important to research the legal status in your area before purchasing or using it.


If you want amazing results in increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing fat levels and improving endurance, all whilst leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying regular gym workouts, then Epistane is the product for you! It cannot convert to Estrogen or DHT, so the effects are anabolic – and you can expect results in 2-4 weeks.

Read our Guide to PCT for more information.